Rich in the events of 2018 is coming to its logical conclusion. We hope that you, our readers, had only good luck and success. And that helps us to see things more positively? Of course, music. Popular Apple Music service has published statistics on the most popular artists of the Russians in 2018. The conclusion is clear — rap is not just defeated pop music, he has been seated on the throne of the winner. Edition publishes the top 10 most popular albums of the year and in a nutshell tells about artists-winners

10. Jah Khalib “If th I of Bach”

Lyrical album artist of the Kazakh Bakhtiyar Mammadov has become the most popular in Russia in 2017. 12 months, the record has managed to stay in the top ten that cannot fail to surprise.

The 9th place. Malbec, “New art”

New school Russian rap seriously added this year. A young guy from Moscow, Malbec and his beloved Susanna released the album “New art”. A few songs have been heard in Russian clubs. I wonder what the lyrical tracks especially liked the audience.

8th place. Max Korzh “Small grown-up, Part 2”

The Russian-language pop singer of the post-Soviet space continues to stay away from conflicts, politics and big labels like “Black Star”. Max all also making positive music for the listener and the wave.

7th place. Hook “Ouroboros: 36”

The 6th place. Hook “Celebration on the street 36”

Kazakh rapper took just Hook two lines to the top ten. A young man named Adil broke into Russian hip-hop about 5 years ago and of his army of fans. “Feast on the street 36” is dedicated to love, patsanskoy friendship and pink everyday. But “Ouroboros” talks about heavy poor youth and social issues. In the past year the Creaking bypost a few rock tracks, but the rap is not going to quit.

5th place. Imagine Dragons “Evolve”

A couple of months ago, the American come-the band released a new album “Origins”. But the leading position holds the album titled “Evolve”. This is not surprising because in the track list there are hits that heard if not every, then every second exactly. For example, “Believer” and “Thunder”.

4th place. HammAli & Navai “Janavi”

In the year 2015 on the stage of Russian hop appeared unknown guys from Vladikavkaz. Now Miyagi and Endgame undisputed star. But HammAli and Navai are just beginning your journey at the stars. Their music is less aggressive, and ethnic taste juicier.

The 3rd place. XXXTentacion “?”

This is the second and last English-language album in the list. Six months ago, a young rapper Juncea Onfroy in Russia did not know. But after the release of the album “?” the young musician was killed by robbers in the Parking lot of a supermarket. However, the music here is in any case interesting in its own way impressive — especially if you know of any crime accused the writer of these sad and sensitive songs.

2nd place. Monetochka “Coloring for adults”

20-year-old Lisa from Yekaterinburg in 2018 has become a real symbol of the Russian youth. Her songs are permanently entrenched in the minds of listeners. Now it is called the new pop icon, call for major festivals and just love.

1st place. Jah Khalib “E. G. O.”

Like last year, the first place in the final chart turns out Apple Music singer, another album which took not even 10. It is impossible to say with certainty whether Ghalib is so popular or it popular among the audience Apple Music.

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