The journalists of The Washington Post discovered that many iOS apps in the background, send confidential user data to third parties.

The magazine’s staff saw it using the Disconnect Privacy Pro. It showed that third-party apps transmit to third parties the phone numbers, email address, geolocation and IP addresses of users. Data collection applications use special trackers. For the week, journalists counted more than 5,400 of these tools.

Here is a list of apps that transmit data: Microsoft OneDrive, Mint, Nike, Doordash, Spotify, Yelp, The Weather Channel, Citizen and, oddly enough, The Washington Post.

It is worth noting that trackers typically used for diagnostic applications and for the preparation of targeted advertising. However, any storage of personal data on third party servers in itself is unsafe.

Interestingly, in this situation, Apple is not to blame: company applications trackers are used.

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