Tmall changes its sales model.

Marketplace Tmall in the near future will change the principle of its work. Representatives of Tmall, said that the company plans to stop selling its own products. Instead, the company will work on the principle of the marketplace, many other sellers placing their products on the site.

Online store Tmall has been working in Russia for more than a year. During this time, Tmall has become extremely popular among Russians, who appreciate the store for regular promotions, low prices and exclusively original products. All this time Tmall worked on a mixed model. Part of the goods at the site represented third-party sellers, and some goods the company has purchased and sold itself.

By the end of 2018 heads Tmall has decided to abandon the sale of their own products. According to representatives of Tmall, the fact that such models work all the competitors of the company. It is assumed that buyers of the online store will benefit from the transition to the new model. Tmall should start to actively attract partners and expand the range of shops at the expense of their goods.

Source: Statements.


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