In 2016, the AirPods are an example of how Apple approaches product development and how this approach helps her to conquer the market. When most companies are trying to either reduce the price or improve the sound, Apple worked on the experience. These headphones are far from perfect sound, but for convenience they have no equal to this day. With the new AirPods Pro company goes further and says not only about comfort, but about sound quality. You have to Apple — in the material “”.

AirPods Pro is not a new generation of headphones, but rather a step to the side. 11 as iPhone Pro and iPad Pro is the improved version of the usual 11 iPhone and iPad Air and AirPods Pro — a more advanced variation of the AirPods second generation. Although the differences between them are much greater than between the first and second generation. Here, by the way, just like the other Pro-devices from Apple, included Lightning USB cable-C.

The old format

Once upon a time, in the days of the first iPhone, Apple has released a “bung” with nevygovarivaemym iPod In-Ear Headphones With Mic and Remote. They were offered as an alternative to the standard “pill” Earphones supplied with all iPhone and iPod. Later, with the announcement of the iPhone 5 in 2012, the company showed the result of their experiments with the form of the headphones — the Apple EarPods. Then told me that he spent a research study involving focus groups of 600 people, to fit headphone shape under the ears of most people living on Earth (although still a lot of complaints about their fit). In this form they still exist, and based on them made AirPods.

Now the company is back, if I may say so, to the past and released a “bung” AirPods Pro. This in-ear headphones with interchangeable ear cups (which Apple just calls ear). Here, too, was not without allegations of global research, involving focus groups and enumeration forms to suit the maximum number of people. The three pairs of nozzles. But even then Apple went their own way and made proprietary ear cushions with short tip plastic and unique form — that is, to put your favorite for the attachment of foam or is made in the shape of the ear canal will not work.

However, there are some instances when the headphones with either one of the liners did not fit. And the problem here is not the lack of comfort the listener, and that this usage does not work noise reduction. But for this they will take.

Structurally, it is generally other headphones, like regular AirPods only white glossy plastic. If before the battery is housed in the protruding “tail”, now he is in the bowl, and the “tail” is reduced. They look more bulky, although each earphone weighs only 5.4 grams — a little more than usual AirPods (4 grams). The case also has a different shape, but the dimensions remained roughly the same and still fit in the fifth pocket of my jeans.

Inside each earpiece three microphone decategory processor, optical sensors, accelerometers, and sensors that respond to pressure. Last important detail the new AirPods. Early management of AirPods was carried out by tapping, and you can perform only two actions. Now there are more opportunities nowadays: the sensors don’t react to the knock, and depression, so on each “ear” of four functions (although they are not to be reconfigured, and both the headset perform the same command). One press puts the music on pause, two include next track three — previous, and holding switches the noise reduction mode either activates Siri. To change the volume with headphones is impossible. It does not touch the surface, as many journalists, namely pressure sensors — pressing read, and gloves, and a hat.

The noise of the roads

But so far, it looks weak for the end of the Pro, so Apple has put in AirPods system active noise cancellation (ANC Active noise control). And tell us, what is the most perfect system of the existing. It involved just two microphones in each earphone: one on the outside of the Cup and dampens outside noise opposite sound wave and the second — inside and cuts off the residual noise. Even the internal microphone is responsible for the adaptive equalizer, adjusts the sound for a particular track.

To noise reduction can work in two modes — noise cancellation, on the contrary, strengthening them, creating the effect of a lack of headphones. Some intermediate values or customization of work ANC no longer either works or ignores the noise, or off.

The amazing thing is that the ANC almost no impact on work time headphones. Disabled noise cancelling they will last 5 hours on a single charge, and with on 4.5 hours. In a conversation on the phone Apple promises autonomy at the level of three hours. Along with the briefcase working time will be about 24 hours.

Not overcrowded

For the first time putting my ear AirPods Pro, surprised by their unusual landing. Most “plugs” to push into the ear canal, thereby improving the passive noise isolation, but together with the inside the ear is formed an air tube, for which many do not like this type of headset. Have AirPods Pro open design, and the pressure inside the ear and outside equalized through the through hole. And the earphone does not need to push deep into the ear, so the fit is similar to the usual AirPods. But in my ears they sit confident and do not fall out like other headphones of the company, as the back of the case rests on the cartilage.

After that, the selection of the inserts and check the fit to the ears. Headphones lose a little tune, and at the end will be installed, how tightly they are fixed: if all OK, then the noise reduction will work as it should, and if not — then you will be prompted to change one of the liners. If none of them came, AirPods Pro will turn into a very expensive ear plugs no noise reduction and adaptive equalizer.

The person who already use expensive headphones with ANC, like Sony or Bose, the local “noise reduction” can be frustrating. It is clear that in this case there is nothing supernatural to be made, and a maximum of AirPods Pro is to drown out the noise of the city, metro or office, and not completely, because some sounds still make it. Here all on the same level as the Sony WF-1000XM3 — about full noise isolation of the question.

But the mode of permeability, which amplify external sounds, Apple did a much better job than others. Often, headphones noise cancelling, including this “transparent” regime, there is a feeling that you’re sitting in a barrel, and all external noise comes with the characteristic distortion. So you can neither listen to music nor talk with someone because people’s voices unintelligible. In the case of AirPods Pro seems like someone pulled the headphones but left the music, and all external sounds are without distortion.

The quality of sound to say there is nothing, because he is no different from the usual AirPods. To the credit of Apple, you can only say that there are no kinks low or high frequencies, and the sound is smooth. It is difficult to understand, does something adaptive equalizer, but the sound of AirPods and AirPods Pro is not easy to distinguish. This headphone is not for audiophiles because of the sound, no volume, no proper detailing. The same is True of Wireless Sennheiser Momentum and Sony WF-1000XM3 sound much more interesting.

Market will decide

By the time the AirPods Pro the market is full of True Wireless headphone, but to also noise reduction was almost none. One of the main competitors AirPods Pro was already mentioned Sony WF-1000XM3. “Ribbon.”ru told me about these headphones, so it makes no sense to go into details. They have better sound, lower price, and noise reduction and autonomy are almost identical. But it is a huge headphone, which is also an unstable compound with an uncomfortable application. Yes and no work with the ecosystem, like the instant switch between devices on the same Apple ID account, not here.

The unique running devices like Apple AirPods, you can remember the Beats, but the company has no “fillers” with noise reduction. But there is Beats Solo Pro with Apple chip H1. That is, the connection, setting and everything else interact with them here look exactly the same as AirPods Pro. By experience we can say that it’s like AirPods in the case of overhead headphones. In contrast to the steel of the “bits” they sound exactly and without blockages in the lower frequencies and ANC cuts off exactly the same noise as and AirPods. Although it would seem, since they have more housing, and the denoising will be better, but no. Even work they charge almost a day and AirPods, and are in Russia for a thousand more — 22 thousand rubles.

And there is nothing more. Of course, you can look at full-sized Sony or Bose, but this is another League with a different form factor and capabilities. It remains to be seen how it will react other companies on the way out AirPods Pro.


To argue about how justified the price AirPods Pro, given the price policy of the company — weird, especially if we are talking about Russia. For comparison: in the USA excluding taxes these headphones are $ 250, Sony WF-1000XM3 — $ 230, Beats Solo and Pro — 300. In Russia, however, these prices converted at 21, 18 and 22 thousand, respectively, which is devoid of any logic. Of course, these prices put the mission, but 20 dollars difference between Sony and Apple turned into three thousand, and 50 between Apple and Beats — in one?

AirPods are still the most comfortable headphones on every day. Albeit not with the best sound, but here we have to choose between comfort and quality. The main thing — to understand that this is not audiophile headphones, a gadget for listening to music via streaming services and podcasts, watching movies and talking on the phone. And noise reduction only extends, but does not change the essence of the device.

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