Rumors that Apple plans to equip its new smartphones at a more rapid chargers with USB ports-C, appeared on the network for quite some time. However, as noted by the authoritative Japanese publication Macotakara, buy a new charger separately from smartphones will not work.

According to sources, more powerful “cubes” can be purchased only in conjunction with the new iPhone. However, the authors Macotakara also reported that with time the situation should change. It is possible that the new charging units can still be purchased separately from Apple’s smartphones. However, when users will have the opportunity, now is unknown. According to some it can happen either at the end of this or early next year.

The situation needs to correct some third-party manufacturers. According to Macotakara, Apple will give them access to the chip C48B that should be used in the new charging units. However, to quickly start production of more powerful charges from third parties is unlikely to succeed.


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