According to the publication “Kommersant”, the Ministry of communications presented the draft law on pre-trial blocking of Internet resources is sent back for revision.

The expert Council under the government of the Russian Federation agreed that the text of the document contains many vague notions under which fall even training materials. Arguments supporting and justifying terrorism and extremism can be found in the works of scholars of the Marxist-Leninists, classic works written in the Soviet Union, in popular publications as well as in any criticism taken in recent drafts.

Approval of a law with such vague wording would allow the Prosecutor General to block access to more than 19 million sites, without any court decision. This can seriously affect the operation of the Internet in Russia in General and will hinder the development of telecommunication technologies.

The government will continue to consider the bill. But first it should modify the authors, and then to approve the Advisory Council. This means that soon the Prosecutor General’s office may receive the right to block access to some resources at their own discretion.


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