Scientists from the University of Adelaide have developed a quantum battery for the iPhone that allows for instant replenishment charge, reports ABC News. According to Dr. James Coach, author of the study, the latest technology allows you to charge smartphones, tablets and other mobile electronics less than one second.

Unlike lithium-ion batteries used by the manufacturers to ensure battery life of mobile devices, the speed of charging of the quantum battery depends on the number of blocks of which they are composed. This means that the more blocks used in the construction of the battery, the faster will be the charging.

The maximum possible speed charging

“For example, if charging of the battery, consisting of one quantum unit, will take an hour, charging the two blocks is 30 minutes, three to 20 minutes and so on, says Dr. Quach. Thus, if the battery of your smartphone will be 10,000 of quantum units, time, his charge will not exceed one second”.

Of course, the process of creating quantum batteries very complicated. It requires specific conditions, such as extremely low temperatures and absolute sterile. However, says Coach, he hopes that within the next six months he and his team of scientists will present a working prototype of the new battery type.


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