Professional selfie drone called Skydio R1 is different from its counterparts a funny skill to manage this device can be done right from your smart watches Apple Watch. Free app for the wearable gadget is now available in the AppStore.

On the display of the smart watch, the user can select a person, whom we should follow. The camera drone will follow the man wherever he went. To track the movement of the UAV on the display of the Apple Watch thanks to the GPS system. The control panel will also allow to determine the direction, up or down, right or left.

The design easily handles the execution of commands due to installed 13 cameras and 4-core 64-bit ARM processor. The model has a 256-core GPU Jetson TX 1 from Nvidia, whose task is information processing, motor control, computer vision and AI.

The cost of the UAV will be $1999 on the condition that the user makes an order through the official website of the manufacturer or the retailers.

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