It is possible to sleep!

Volvo has introduced a unique unmanned electric 360c at a special exhibition at their headquarters in Sweden. Volvo 360c has an advanced autopilot, which allows the vehicle to move on public roads without any driver assistance. In this regard, the concept car is devoid of rudder pedals, making it the interior is really futuristic.

Without a steering wheel and pedals

Volvo 360c equipped with modern autopilot fifth level, which uses a variety of cameras, radars and accurate navigation system for determining the car in the space. The advanced autopilot allowed the designers and engineers of Volvo to rethink the interior of the electric vehicle. Volvo 360c has no steering, pedals and many other standard vehicle components.

For the movement Volvo 360c meets the electrical unit, which directly powers the wheels in motion. The power of the engine provide several large lithium-ion batteries, which are located in the lower part of the body. Volvo 360c will be able to travel about 300 kilometers on a single charge.

Volvo recognize that the solution is extremely unusual. However, the company believes that in the near future like the interiors of cars will become commonplace and will be used everywhere. And that statement there is a real argument.

The salon is very spacious — it is possible even to sleep

Outside the box free the interior of the Volvo 360c is one of its key features. Passengers of the electric vehicle can do many things right during the trip. Inside, you can set up a proper working space to watch a movie, play Xbox or take a NAP.

A place to sleep considered in detail. Passengers will not have to sleep in an uncomfortable position. The seats quickly fold out into beds, which provide for the blanket. It is noteworthy that the blanket besides its main function performs the role of a reliable belt.

The safety thought out at the highest level

The transition to the unmanned vehicles will occur over long time, so think and Volvo, and other companies. The drones will move on the roads along with conventional vehicles that are driven by people. There is a question of safety that Volvo has thought of everything.

Right on the back of a Volvo 360c will be equipped with a special imaging system. It will show other road users what maneuvers intended to commit an autopilot. The alert will be executed by the text, colors, and sounds.

Replace small aircraft

Volvo seriously hope that Volvo 360c will compete with small aircraft. Every day in the world carried out thousands of flights for a small distance. However, internal flights are often heavily loaded, especially in the US, stress in the Volvo.

Fast and comfortable Volvo 360c has a real possibility at least to offload small aircraft. People will be able to move a relatively large distance on the drone instead of an airplane. And being in an electric car with all the amenities, they will not be constrained in work, play or restful sleep.

The company believes that in the future Autonomous electric vehicles will certainly replace a lot of people planes. At the moment, Volvo is considering the use of electric cars as an alternative to aircraft when traveling at a distance of up to 300 kilometers.

Source: Volvo.


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