A little more than a month Apple is expected to introduce watchOS 6. While it is not known what features will be different with the new operating system for Apple Watch. However, according to the designer Jake Sworski, Apple needs to make watchOS more informative.

Sworski created a very realistic concept watchOS 6, in which the cornerstone was put this informative. For example, he had improved the application Activity, adding more useful indicators. In addition, the author of the concept slightly redesigned control Center, adding the ability to delete unnecessary buttons, and added a list of available dials.

Overall Sworski reworked or added almost all existing applications. However, with this he also proposed to extend the set of standard programs. In particular, the authors came up with an app called Food. On the idea it should be a kind of analogue Activity. But in the new application, owners of the Apple watch will be able to set goals related to nutrition.

To see the concept a little closer at this link.


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