The founder of the legendary American private military company Blackwater Erik Prince plans to start production of cobalt in the Congo. After the arrival of his workers ‘ situation may worsen. This was reported by “Politics Today” with reference to the expert of the Academy of military Sciences of the Russian Federation Vladimir Prokhvatilov.

The Prince heads the Hong Kong campaign, Frontier Services Group, specializing in shipping and cargo protection. With it the head of the Blackwater intends to establish production of cobalt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A silvery-white metal is required for corporations Apple, Tesla and Samsung.

The locals mined cobalt in primitive conditions. Often in mines using child labor. In this regard, the heads of the automakers promised to withdraw from the purchase of the metal, produced a minor.

Prokhvatilov drew attention to the activity of Prince around the world.

“If there was information about the appearance of the people of the Prince to Congo, then surely there will be very tough. Methods his children are known. For their money they’ll do anything. I do not exclude that our instructors are in the CARS at the invitation of the government and under a UN mandate may overlap with the scumbag Eric Prince,” — said Vladimir Prokhvatilov.

He doubted that the ethical side of the question interested in the Prince. And impoverished people in African countries will do anything for a living.

At this time, Belgian Director Michael Roskam working on the film “Prince of war”. The script is based on a book by Blackwater founder on the reverse side of the company. The company changed its name after the shooting of civilians in Iraq. Now the project is named Academi.

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