Google acknowledged that the commands in the voice assistant is indeed bugged, however, assured that nobody can access the personal data of users. However, the ex-CIA disagree.

Product Manager of Google, David Monsees recognized that articulated in the voice assistant for the team regularly tapped. According to him, this is to upgrade service and new products, such as Google Assistant.

However, one of the experts of the company leaked data, and then began an internal investigation. Google says that at least the voice message and go to language experts in different countries, the staff can’t know who exactly owns the record, and do not have access to your personal information. It is the blog of the company States that of the total volume of voice commands is only 0.2 percent.

Ex-officer psychological operations of the US army Scott Bennett said that Google has not stated about the main thing — personal user data are stored. In his view, the breach of confidentiality is where there company was required to notify about the use of this information.

“Google did not. This is why people become hostile and very suspicious about what Google records their voice commands and other data. Goals begin to seem dubious to the Americans”, — quotes “360” expert.

In addition, there is evidence proving a drain of user data. So, in 2013, former NSA agent Edward Snowden released data that the special services of the USA and the UK spying on people in the Network. After this application, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook admitted that they knew about the interception of personal information.

Bennett suggests that Google may continue to transmit user data to the FBI, law enforcement agencies, the Department of justice and other services.

“The privacy of Americans is under threat. People less trust in the high technology,” stressed Bennett.

He believes that in the modern world, to fully protect your data — at least in the United States. He added that confidentiality can only be restored in the case of competitor Google.

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