Pro-democracy Apple removes music from Chinese Apple Music
Apple over the weekend removed the song Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung, who referred to the massacre in Tiananmen square in 1989, according to Hong Kong’s Free Press.

“Ren Jian Dao”, which roughly translates as “the Way of man” — the ballad of Hong Kong lyrics by James Wong on the events of 1989, when the Chinese military opened fire on a large crowd of civilian protesters in Tiananmen square.
In addition to the Apple Music China, song “the Way of man” has also been removed from the music service QQ.

It is assumed that the government suppresses Pro-democracy media. Although the claims of censorship are yet to be confirmed, a growing amount of evidence implies that the government actively suppresses the possibility of public demonstrations on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the tragic events.

Apple Music also excluded the works of other Pro-democracy artists including Hong Kong singer Anthony Wong and Denise Ho, the report said. In the case of Ho, the singer and her discography has been completely removed from Apple servers.

In the past, Apple was accused of concessions to the Chinese government that controls the entire Chinese consumer market. At the end of 2016 Apple removed the official app of New York Times from the Chinese App Store after authorities said that an unnamed it violates local laws. A few months later, Apple opened its first data center in China to comply with the rules of cybersecurity in the country.

Later, in 2017, Apple complied with a request to delete the VPN apps from the Chinese App Store. And most recently, in March, turned off the smiley with the flag of Taiwan on the Chinese Mac computers, with the latest update macOS 14.14.1. Answering the question about his seemingly obscene practice Apple claims that only meets the requirements of local legislation.

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