American Studio Proper has created a simple and elegant charging station for smart hours Apple. Quality materials and original design will turn the accessory into a stylish piece of furniture.

The user can select corps gold or silver color. The black insert goes well with the Apple Watch screen, so the whole composition looks harmonious.

Cable for charging the smartwatch is not part of the package Proper Apple Watch Dock.

Built into the hull magnetic elements will securely hold your smart watch. The charging technology is compatible with all models of the Apple Watch and straps to them.

Proper Apple Watch Dock will not only charge the Apple Watch, and turn them into a semblance of the usual alarm clock that you can put on the nightstand next to the bed.

Charging station Proper Apple Watch Dock is 69,95$, the product can be ordered on the website of the manufacturer. This price includes free standard international shipping. For Express shipping, you may have to pay separately.


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