Spotify should appear on the Russian market this summer, writes DigitalMusicNews. According to the information portal TelecomPaper, the subscription price for the world’s leading music service will be around 150 rubles, which is below the subscription on the Apple Music 15 roubles. According to a report by J’son & Partners Consulting, by 2018, the income of the market for music streaming in Russia amounted to 4.7 billion rubles. But the potential of streaming services in Russia has not fully disclosed and the market in the period up to 2021 will continue to develop rapidly. Analysts predict in the next 3 years market growth up to 4 times, that is, to 18.6 billion rubles. The average annual growth rate of 58%. According to June 2019, the number of owners of the paid subscription Apple Music in the world has reached 60 million people in vreme as the Swedish Spotify has surpassed 100 million paid subscribers in April 2019. Now on the Russian market leading service for listening to music are “Yandex. Music”, “Vkontakte” (BOOM), Apple Music and Google Play Music. Subscribe to “Yandex. Music” Apple Music and Google Play Music is 169 rubles per month, on Boom from Mail.Ru Group — 149 rubles a month. Faith Gorbulenko, marketing Director of “United Media Agency” (service BOOM, “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”): based On our experience, it can be concluded that many users who were willing to pay for a subscription, has chosen the service consumption of music. Whether the proceeds from the paid audio content to grow as the active — it depends on a number of factors. The first is the General behaviour of the music users. “Paying for music is bad, Music should be free” — these attitudes still affect the decision to apply for a paid subscription or not. Not to mention that the total drop in income of the population also affects the involvement of users in the subscription. Now every streaming service creates a special environment to attract a new audience: family and student subscriptions, sale of service packages for a small price, subsidizing the cost of subscriptions of money, etc. All this attracts new users to the services, but not as massively as we would like. The entire market sees a significant increase in the number of subscribers of services, but the global trend is that the increase is due to the lower price threshold of entrance. How does the income from the sale of advertising and paid subscriptions? At the moment, talking about it is difficult. Of course, revenues from paid subscribers (2.5 million people in the world, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki) are a priority for services, Rightsholders and artists, as the value of one stream is much higher in the paid model. Unfortunately, in Russia many brands and advertising agencies don’t trust the format of advertisements, using on the “old” is more understandable formats. But global sales of advertisements are growing. We see this growth we have. Andrew Hewak, head of service “Yandex. Music”: the Russian market is in a stage of active growth. “Yandex. Music” appeared in 2010 and was sold by subscription in 2012, in 2017-2018, there was a boom of subscription services. In may 2018 “Yandex” has launched a subscription “Yandex. Plus” this subscription combines the benefits of several services, discounts on Taxi access to “Yandex. Music” without restrictions, the base directory of “Kinopoisk”, deals from “Drive,” “Take,” and others. We try to please subscribers “Plus”. In June in the “Plus” there was such an unusual option as the opportunity to visit the Cell performances of the art theatre in Moscow. “Yandex. Plus,” became one of the drivers of growth in subscribers “Yandex. Music.” The number of subscriptions for all services — music, videokatrina, books, cloud storage, the food will only grow. Now the audience of the subscription of the service “Yandex” is more than 2 million users (this figure includes subscribers to “Yandex. Music”, “IMDb”, “Yandex. Plus” and “Disk”). Until the end of the year, in addition to Spotify strengbom on the Russian market will appear another player — service from Chinese Huawei. The price of monthly subscription for music and music videos in Huawei Music will be at Apple Music and Google Play. With regard to the global consumption of music, according to the IFPI report on the global consumption of music for 2018, global revenues from recorded music rose by 9.7%, and total revenues from streaming listening has increased by 34%. Revenue from streaming grew by 34.0% and amounted to almost half (47%) of the world’s income due to the growth of income from paid subscriptions of 32.9%. At the end of 2018, paid streaming services enjoyed a 255 million users, accounting for 37% of total revenue the recording industry. The growing popularity of streaming transmission more than offset the decline of physical sales (-10,1%) and a decrease in revenue from downloads of 21.2%. Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI: Last year was the fourth year in a row of increase, due to the high quality music — the result of a partnership of incredible artists with talented and enthusiastic people at record labels around the world. Record companies continue to invest in artists and new technologies both on developed markets and in developing regions, which have increasingly benefit from the fact that part of the world music community. As music markets continue to develop rapidly, it is important to create appropriate legal and business infrastructure to create the conditions in which music is worthy of would be estimated, and the income of rights holders have allowed to improve the quality of future work. Global indicators of the music industry by 2018 (according to the IFPI report): the Growth of global revenue: +9.7% of Income from straingage listening is 46.8% revenue Growth from pay-strikingb: +32.9% of the Physical income: -10.1% Purchase individual songs and albums: -21.2%

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