Apple did not have time to provide protection against tampering, and the company GrayKay to promise to find a way around it, as researchers from ElcomSoft have discovered a breach in the security of iOS 11.4.1.

As discovered by the computer security experts, the timer counting down the time since the last unlock with passcode, you can stop. To do this, simply connect to your iPhone any accessory with Lightning-to-USB cable. Suitable not even original or not previously used together with the target mobile device.

ElcomSoft experts note that the blocking in this way the main thing — not to lose time. If the restricted access gained to bypass it without a password will not work.

“In other words, once in the hands of the police will be the suspect’s iPhone, he or she must urgently connect to a smartphone compatible USB accessory to prevent lock USB connection,” wrote in a blog ElcomSoft representative of the company Oleg Afonin.

The perfect device for blocking constraints must be equipped with and power supply, as the security requirements require the police to transport the seized smartphones in special bags, badly leaking cell signal. Battery iPhone in this mode ends pretty quickly.

Afonin considers that this loophole was left Apple specifically for the supervision of devices. However, the representatives of the Corporation have not even tried to conceal information about this feature.

“If you have not already unlocked the password-protected iOS device or have not activated the device and it was connected to USB accessories in the last hour, your iOS device will not communicate with the accessory or computer, and in some cases, there will be no charge. You can see the warning with a request to unlock the device to permit connections,” says Apple on the work mode.


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