In the Internet appeared the list of applications that are likely to be pre-installed on all smartphones sold in Russia. The list was published shortly after introducing new amendments to the law on the preset FOR Russian to smartphones. In circle such applications was the development of “Yandex” and Group.

So, according to experts, in Russia in most cases there are alternatives for foreign software. For example, Google Chrome and Safari can be easily replaced with “Yandex. Browser”, and as a replacement for Google Drive may be the “Cloud” or “Yandex. CD”. The music streaming services too, there are alternatives: “Yandex. Muzyka” and Zvooq Boom can easily compete with Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music.

”In some categories, unfortunately, the Russian development is not sought after properly. This hosting (users prefer YouTube), the payments system and instant messengers. Although the same ICQ has a unique technology, thanks to which the messenger can work without network connection. Such development should maintain the state, including in the framework of the national project “Digital economy”” — said General Director of the Institute of Internet development, Sergei Petrov.

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