The edition of The Next Web has created a fascinating infographic, which can be traced all the way to the development of the smartphone market until 2017.

So, with this illustration, it is possible to notice how prior to 1998, the market leader was Motorola. In fairness it should be noted that at that time, the market consisted of two players from an already called Motorola and Nokia beloved. Closer to the beginning of 1999, the Finnish company became a leader and held their dominant position for just over 12 years. In 2012 alone, she was able to get around Samsung a foothold in the first place until the end of the timeline infographic. In 2014, Nokia flew in the second spot, behind Apple.

Of particular interest in the infographics causes watching for 24 years, some companies appeared, and almost immediately disappeared, and some for a long time trailed behind the entire list, and in a few years became leaders.

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