This year Apple will refuse to use the prefix “Plus” in the name of its smartphones, replacing it with a maximalist “Max”. It follows from the official online shop of the manufacturer of accessories for mobile electronics Spigen, started selling cases and protective glasses for the future phablet.

Despite the unconfirmed nature of the information, the catechumens Spigen, there is a high probability of reliability. It is because Apple provides information about its future smartphone accessory manufacturers that they had to ensure the retail covers new products right in time for their official release.

iPhone XS Max

It is not known why Apple decided to replace “Plus” by “Max”. It is quite possible the company felt that the brand had exhausted itself and no longer gives consumers the old feelings of admiration. It is also possible that the way in Cupertino just wanted to point out the superiority of the new models over the 5.5-inch devices of yesteryear.

Anyway, eventually all will be known in a few hours. At 20:00 Moscow time, Apple will hold a presentation, during which will present a new model of iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch. To follow the progress of the event on our live page. Traditionally, we start an hour before it started and will share with you the backstage photos.


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