Actually looks good.

At the beginning of 2019 held several leaks about the iPhone XI — the next flagship of Apple. Designer Ben Gaskin combined all the fresh information about the iPhone sample 2019 and created high-quality renderings showing the probable design of the smartphone.

Over the past few days it became known that the iPhone XI will get a reduced in size top display frame and triple chamberlocated on a platform in the corner of the rear surface of the housing. This information about the new iPhone XI revealed reliable sources, including well-known insider OnLeaks.

Gaskin showed key features of the new iPhone for high-quality rendering. It is noteworthy that the users rated them much more highly than the original leak. The reason is that the first leaks and reduced “the unibrow,” and a triple camera was shown in a worse light. In particular, the first users did not like the triple image of the camera.

It is important to note that this appearance of the iPhone XI at the moment, of course, is not confirmed. Insider OnLeaks even stressed that his leak is one of the first and Apple’s plans could still change.

Source: Twitter.


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