At the presentation on September 12 we will be difficult to surprise.

Known insider Fabien Vonner, which is renowned for publishing only accurate information, has posted live shots of the new iPhone. The pictures show all three new smartphones Apple: iPhone Xs, Max Xs iPhone and iPhone Xr (also known as iPhone 9).

Published images confirm all the most trusted leaks the last few months. iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Max have double vertical camera, like the iPhone X. the design of the smartphone is no different from the “dozens”.

In 6.1-inch iPhone Xr glass back surface, the single cell and the connective aluminum frame. These features of the smartphone are predicting quite a long time, and now they are living the smartphone.

Previously, some experts have suggested that the iPhone Xr will get the aluminum back cover that makes the smartphone even cheaper. However, this information is not supported by leading experts, who were convinced that iPhone Xr will get support for wireless charging.

Thus, the iPhone sample 2018 do not surprise in terms of design. It is expected that new items will hit the technical specifications that Apple this year is focusing. In particular, the new iPhone will be running the next generation of CPU A12, which is designed for 7-nm process. Due to this, iPhone will be up to 50% faster than previous models.

Source: Twitter.


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