Published trailer of the future foldable mobile AppleВ the Internet has published a new trailer foldable smartphone Apple — iPhone X Fold. It is expected that Apple will release the gadget in 2020. The company recently received a patent for the device.

iPhone X Fold is equipped with AMOLED-display. When folded, its size is 6.6 inches (93.6% of the side of the gadget). In the clear screen will increase to 8.3 inches (96,8% side gadget). As a result, the phone can turn into a tablet. The expansion of the screen — 2880 to 2960 pixels.

On one side of the gadget there will be two front facing cameras, on the other hand — three. As writes portal, the supply of flexible displays for Apple to do Samsung. In addition, the iPhone X Fold may appear technology to heat up the screen in cold conditions.

Apple will become a pioneer in the market for foldable smartphones. There are already Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate Fold X. Also developing foldable smartphones are the company Oppo, TCL, Motorola, and Google. However, according to experts, in the near future foldable smartphones will have great success among buyers. First of all, because of high prices gadgets.

Previously, Apple presented its new iPad Air and iPad Mini.

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