His words drew the attention of the Belgian edition of EU Reporter.

Speaking at an Economic forum in St. Petersburg, the Russian leader pointed to the ongoing crisis in global economic relations. According to him, the global instability caused by attempts to monopolize the new technology wave. In particular, this is evident from the US desire to banish from the world market, the Chinese company Huawei, successfully competing with the American Corporation Apple.

Among other things, is also the occasion to reflect on the need to revise the role of the dollar as the world reserve currency, Putin said.

The publication concludes that currently the forefront in the world politics out of the relations of Russia and China. While the West ignores the possibility of the East, Moscow and Beijing successfully working to create their own world order, leaving the loser countries of the Old world.

St. Petersburg international economic forum-2019 will be held from 6 to 8 June. This year it was visited by an unprecedented number of participants — more than 19 000 people from 145 countries of the world, with 1300 guests, at the level of heads of companies.

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