On Tuesday, August 27, at the airport in Zhukovsky, near which is less than two weeks ago a miracle happened now, when the pilots-heroes of “Ural airlines” landed in a cornfield passenger plane again was full of journalists and cameras. Opened its doors to the international aviation and space salon “MAKS-2019”. They immediately went to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

It is no secret that the street is not much interested in the details of inter-state negotiations. They rush like a whirlwind on the information field and disappear behind the event horizon. Tomorrow only much immersed in the subject, experts and observers will remember that it was said to each other, Putin and Erdogan, trump and Merkel that him and Johnson. There is no exception.

Another thing: the President impressed the guests, some ice cream indulge yourself and your delegation, or what transport was used? Such details I remember much longer tell each other over dinner at home and even discuss in the garden on Saturdays.

The President has not yet arrived at an air show and newscast has appear details. RIA Novosti, for example, reported that ice cream, which Putin had for MAX 17, has risen in price for 10 rubles.

Two years ago it was very hot. Beside the VIP podium, the President noticed the ice cream freezer and a quick step toward him. The next few minutes in the life of Vladimir Putin has shown many television around the world. And Russian TV airplay this video without getting tired.

The President bought himself a sundae for 60 rubles. And received the surrender was decided to treat the entire delegation. The press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov and head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov prefer horns. Only Dmitry Rogozin (then he held the post of Deputy Prime Minister) refused Putin’s treats. “Watching my figure,” he justified the official.

Arriving at MAKS-19, reporters rushed to find out whether ready ice cream freezer. Found. Worth it, but empty. Later, in response to media interest, the organizers of the show posted price list. It turned out that the ice cream now costs 70 rubles, and the horn — as much as 150 rubles. The ice-cream appeared just before the arrival of the head of state with his foreign guests.

It is obvious that Erdogan is not just invited to the MAX. After the Americans publicly began to build from a very disgruntled at the fact that Turkey purchased from Russia air defense system s-400, Washington announced its refusal to sell Ankara’s newest fighter F-35. In response, the Turks did not greatly grieve. Opening MAX proved to be very helpful.

The journalists asked Dmitry Peskov, asked whether Turkey with a proposal to start negotiations on procurement from Russia of the su-35. He replied briefly: “No comments. Tomorrow they (Putin and Erdogan. — News.ru) will be to the Max. All concentrated there”.

We will show (Erdogan. — News.ru) and su-57, su-35. Supply prospects depend on the display, wait a moment, refused to reveal all the cards today at MAKS Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

Both the President flew directly to the air show aircraft. First on the Zhukovsky airfield arrived Erdogan. A little later we landed and the plane Putin. Together they took part in the official opening ceremony of the air show. Moscow, said the President of the Russian Federation deeply appreciates the international attention to the Russian air show.

We see this as recognition of the high intellectual, scientific-technical and export potential of our country and the unique traditions of aircraft construction, which allows Russia to remain at the forefront of the aerospace industry, Putin said, wishing the participants a fruitful meeting max and the pure sky above.

We are conducting this year air, air, technical festival “Technofest” in Istanbul. Last year we held the first such festival, this exhibition, which was attended by more than 550 thousand people. This year we will hold the second festival from 17 to 22 September, in which the expected participation of more than one million participants. We invite all the Russian people to this festival in the first place, President Putin, — said Erdogan in his speech.

And then the presidents got acquainted with the exposition. And then the fun began. The Turkish President immediately took to the main highlight of the show — the latest fifth generation fighter, the su-57. The two leaders climbed the ladder to the cockpit. Examined her. And called his Ministers. American intelligence, without a doubt, would give a lot to record the ensuing dialogue. But it was only intended for a limited number of ears. And yet, journalists managed something. The President of Turkey asked whether already flying this machine. Putin confirmed: “Flies”. Erdogan asked can I buy this plane. Putin answered in the affirmative: “Can buy”. Then both the President laughed.

Showed a visitor from Turkey and other “male toys”. Namely the su-35, medium Ka-62 helicopter, a heavy helicopter Mi-38, the civil plane MS-21 and even amphibious aircraft be-200. The last exhibit of Putin long enough shared with Erdogan “source data”.

Then Max became very noisy. No, not shout and beat drums. All sat silently and looked at the sky. Many with their mouths open. Over the heads roared and whirled in a dazzling dance of those “toys” that have just peacefully “grazing” at the feet of the presidents. Now they angrily ripped the sky and let everyone know — we mean business.

Erdogan was not going to be trifled with. On the contrary, he seems to have tried to calculate how much his country can do these flying “bad guys” — beautiful on the outside and terrible inside (especially his deadly pastry). Su-34, su-35, MiG-35 and, of course, four su-57 has worked at the highest level.

Meanwhile it became known that Max was introduced to the public the most resistant to cyber-attacks, the computer “Elbrus 801М” created by the Russian concern “Automatics” based on the Russian Central eight-core microprocessor “Elbrus-8S”. His Turkey clearly hasn’t thought to buy. But who knows what will happen in the near future? The Americans suddenly decide to sell the Turks more and your Apple.

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