President against censorship.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin told about the course of development of the Russian Internet. According to Putin, he is an opponent blocking and censorship on the Internet. In particular, the President stressed that the compilation of lists of “good and bad” the media has nothing to do with democracy and is unacceptable.

Putin shared his vision for the development of the Internet in interview to TV channel RT France. The President recalled that one of the key principles of democracy is the freedom of dissemination of information, so the intentional restriction of a particular media is absolutely unacceptable.

Putin believes that Internet users, exactly like the audience of the TV channels should have the opportunity to personally understand where the truth and a lie. In this regard, the blocking or censorship of “bad media” should not exist.

French journalists asked Putin’s position about locks on the Internet and limit media not just. Previously, the administration of the President of France banned the journalist RT France visit to the Elysee Palace. In addition, the French government has recommended not to issue accreditation to journalists Sputnik and RT.

Source: RT.


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