There is such a possibility, the President said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country should be prepared for a possible disconnection from the global Internet. According to Putin, such a threat does exist. The President said at a meeting with the media.

Putin stressed that Russia off from the global Internet will cause enormous damage to the West. In particular, according to the President, affected the interests of the security services that will lead to political and economic damage.

“I can’t for our partners to say that they have in mind, I think that they themselves cause enormous damage,”— said Putin.

The President said that before disconnecting Russia from the global Internet, the West “will think a hundred times”. But in theory Putin does not rule out this possibility. In this regard, the President believes that Russia should create its own independent of the global Internet segment.

Such a segment is created. At the end of 2018 for consideration in the state Duma had passed a bill to create a separate of the Internet in Russia. 12 February 2019, the bill was passed in the first reading. To establish an Autonomous Internet in Russia is planned to allocate at least 20 billion rubles. Under the bill, Russian Internet providers will have to install special equipment that will prevent the threats of the Internet. This system will help to quickly block in Russia banned web resources.

Source: Kommersant.


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