After two years of continuing disputes, Apple and Qualcomm signed a peace agreement in the case of patents, and also agreed on further cooperation. The “Apple” had to pay the manufacturer of the chips a certain amount, which is not disclosed. According to analysts, it’s not that both sides are tired of a protracted war — just at Apple did not remain other exit.

An unexpected turn

Apple and Qualcomm unexpectedly signed a peace agreement, waiving all claims against each other, reports The Verge. As compensation, Apple has paid the manufacturer of the chips amount that was not disclosed. Brands has also entered into a license agreement to use patents for six years with the possibility of extension for another two years.

In addition, Qualcomm will supply the chip for Apple so in new iPhones, probably, soon will appear in the modems of the once sworn enemy of the “Yabloko”.

The confrontation between Qualcomm and Apple began in January of 2017 with a claim against the manufacturer of chips for $1 billion According to Apple, its partner and supplier of components for gadgets is abusing their market position, creating unbearable conditions for licensing patents. In April, the defendant filed a counterclaim against kupertinovtsy, accusing them of patent infringement, and even tried to ban the production and sale of smartphones iPhone.

Also at the end of 2018, Qualcomm filed new claims against Apple, accusing the company of stealing the source code of its chips and the subsequent transfer of trade secrets from Intel, which is the current supplier of parts for Apple devices.

In the two years between Apple and Qualcomm was a patent war, degree which only increased.

So, at the beginning of 2019 in China and Germany, a ban on the sale of iPhones with Qualcomm chips. The impression that no one is going to concede and the opposition will continue to the bitter end, so the news about the settlement was the most unexpected for the market.

The chain of events

While Qualcomm has accused Apple of violating patents, “Apple” remained nothing how to find another chip supplier. The choice fell on the company Intel, which in many respects lagged behind Qualcomm. In particular, she didn’t get chips that could support 5G technology.

At the beginning of April of current year it became known that Huawei for the first time in history decided to sell my 5G modems for smartphones, but is interested in cooperation with a single company — Apple. The fact that the cupertinos had intended to release the first iPhone with support for 5G by 2020, but these plans have a problem. It was reported that Intel may not meet this deadline.

It is known that Apple has been negotiating with Samsung and Mediatek in relation to the 5G-processors as a safety net, but the prospects of this deal are still unknown.

And now, after only a few hours after the announcement of the settlement of the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm, there’s another unexpected news —

Intel has decided to abandon plans to release 5G modems for mobile devices.

According to Intel CEO Bob Swan, “it became clear that there is no guarantee of profitability”. Instead, Intel will focus on 4G and 5G-modems for personal computers and smart devices for the home.

These two news came on the same day, so that the connection between them cannot be overlooked. Some analysts say that it is not yet clear which of them came first.

“If Apple says that the collaboration with Intel is too risky, and returns to Qualcomm, or Intel’s claims that the business is not very good and doesn’t want to spend resources?” — asks the head of the analytical company Moor Insights & Strategy Patrick Moorhead.

In addition, even if the news is about Apple and Qualcomm appeared first nemalovazhno that Intel warned about changing your strategy partner in the person of the head “the Apple” Tim cook. In this case, Apple was at a crossroads facing a difficult choice — to accept the offer from Huawei, which is in favor of the us authorities for possible links with the Chinese government, or try to negotiate with the reliable supplier. We can only guess exactly how much money had to pay Apple to Qualcomm so quickly forgotten about all their grievances.

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