A few days ago it became known that Qualcomm was able to get a preliminary ban on sales of some models of Apple’s smartphones. Cupertinos almost immediately reacted to this “news”. However, Qualcomm has no plans to stop there. The chip maker filed a new lawsuit in China, and was also able to resume the proceedings in the United States.

According to the publication Reuters, citing representatives of the us international trade Commission, the Agency will consider again the claim by Qualcomm that accuses Apple of violating several patents and requires a ban of iPhone sales in the United States.

Representatives of the us chip maker claimed that the development of their smartphones, Apple has used the findings described in the six patents owned by Qualcomm. In addition cupertinos refused to pay royalties for the use of these technologies, which ultimately led to the appeal to the court. Moreover, Apple has no plans to eliminate the violations, so Qualcomm calls to ban sales of the iPhone.

It is worth noting that the American chip maker plans to develop its success in the Chinese market. As it became known today, Qualcomm filed a new claim in which demands to ban the sale of all of the latest Apple smartphones. We are talking about the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max and X.


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