Moscow, may 22 — “Lead. Economy.” A court in the United States revealed the facts of violation of the American manufacturer of processors and components for mobile devices Qualcomm of antitrust laws and ordered to eliminate violations, writes the Wall Street Journal.

“Qualcomm Inc. illegally stifled competition in the chip market for mobile phones and used a dominant position to demand inflated license fees”, — writes the edition with reference to the materials of the court and the definition of district judge in San Jose Lucy Koh.

The judge also ruled that the company agreed on or revised license agreements with its partners without the use of “dirty tricks” such as threats to block access to their chips.

In addition, the company needs to license the patents to other chip manufacturers for “fair” prices also Qualcomm should not enter into exclusive supply contracts with manufacturers of smartphones, such as Apple.

As for the manufacturer of iPhones, in April, Qualcomm reached the agreement, which removes restrictions on the sale of Apple products around the world, introduced in connection with the patent infringement.

The company then announced the conclusion of a license agreement for a period of six years, which is effective April 1. Apple also agreed to pay Qualcomm a reward which Qualcomm is valued at $4.5 billion

In January 2018, the European Commission fined Qualcomm to 997 million euros for abuse of dominant position in the market of manufacturers of LTE chips, which he delivered to Apple. In June of the same year, the company challenged the fine in court.

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