The next flagship Samsung – Galaxy S10 will get a 7-nanometer Snapdragon 855, which, according to Qualcomm as powerful as Apple A12 in future iPhone models.

It all started with rumors about the Huawei Mate 20, which will be equipped with the technical stuffing of 2019, but will be released before the end of this. Huawei has confirmed that the smartphone will be the first Android device, which this year will get a 7-nm processor. This chip is faster and more efficient than the 10-nm chips in current flagships.

The same is expected from Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7, Pixel 4 and other flagships on the Android OS, but in the following year.

Also, the new iPhone model that Apple will present in September, will come with 7-nm processors. We’ve seen the first benchmark results for future leaders of the company, which confirm a new architecture for chip A12.

Qualcomm said it is preparing its own 7-nm chips Snapdragon 855 for devices of the next generation, which will compete with Apple’s A12 and Huawei Kirin 980.

According to the manufacturer, 7-nm chips will also be compatible with modems Snapdragon X50 5G, therefore, the flagship phone from Samsung will support networking 5th generation. In parallel, the South Korean tech giant is developing its own 7-nm processor Exynos.


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