Startup SiFive working on processors based on the architecture of RISC-V interested in the company Qualcomm, which has made large investments in development.

In the latest round of financing SiFive, we made investments in the amount of $65.4 million the Total amount from investors, including Samsung, Intel, Western Digital and so on, amounted to $125 million
Today processors based on RISC-V widely used in IoT devices (Internet of things) and Wearables. At the same time in SiFive note the increasing demand for new products and cloud environments. In connection with such a heavy load the company do not have employees, so for the last 1.5 years the team SiFive increased from 40 to 400 employees. Soon a startup will hire another 200-300.

Note that SiFive unlike competitors, which can give the customer a finished product in a few weeks, and the chips themselves are more energy efficient in comparison with analogues from the ARM. However, so far, the company does not report the development of chipsets for smartphones and other mobile devices.

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