If it works out it will be a disaster.

Patent war between Apple and Qualcomm develops in unexpected scenario in China. Earlier in the week a Chinese court has banned Apple to sell some iPhone models in the country because of the complaint Qualcomm in violation of its patents. Qualcomm but it was not enough and now the company requires a ban flagship iPhone 2018 — iPhone XS, XR iPhone and iPhone XS Max.

As stated by the lawyer Lexfield Law Offices Jiang Hongyi, representing Qualcomm in court, a lawsuit against Apple based on the same patents as before. In the end, Qualcomm plans to ban sales of the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone and XR Max in China.

According to experts, Qualcomm is unlikely to achieve a complete ban on sale of iPhone in China. However, the Government of China may use this precedent as an important argument in negotiations with the United States. The crisis in relations between the two countries is associated with the tariff war and the arrest of a top Manager of Huawei Meng Wanzhou on charges of violating trade sanctions against Iran.

Previously, Apple stated that they would use all their available resources to annul the court’s decision or replace it with a softer. The company stressed that the ban, in principle, does not hurt the company. The court’s decision only applies to iPhone running iOS 10 and iOS 11, and all are available for purchase the next iPhone is already running iOS 12.

Source: Reuters


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