MOSCOW, 16 APR /PRIME/. Shares of Qualcomm jumped on Tuesday by 22% after the announcement of reaching an agreement on patents with Apple, it follows from these trades.

As at 22.51 GMT shares of Qualcomm Incorporated, the Nasdaq jumped by 22.14% to 69.72 per security dollar against the previous close price 57.18 USD.

Qualcomm and Apple have reached an agreement that removes restrictions on the sale of Apple products around the world, introduced in connection with patent infringement, it follows from the joint statement of the companies.

The company announced the conclusion of a license agreement for a period of six years, which is effective April 1. Apple also agreed to pay Qualcomm a monetary reward, the amount of which is not specified.

Apple shares while increasing in price by only 0.12% to 199,5 USD.

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