After a few victories in court, Qualcomm was defeated in Germany. A German court dismissed a patent lawsuit Qualcomm to Apple.

The regional court in Mannheim found the complaint unfounded and Qualcomm noted that Apple did not violate Qualcomm’s patents in the installation of manufacturer’s chips in the iPhone.

Recall that Apple and Qualcomm are involved in a long-term trial. Apple accuses Qualcomm of unfair patent licensing, Qualcomm accuses Apple of violating intellectual property rights.

Qualcomm plans to appeal and continue “to defend their rights against Apple around the world.” Apple itself previously said that will no longer supply the iPhone 7 and 8 in its branded retail stores in Germany. However, they will remain on sale at operators and retailers.

At the same time against Qualcomm is an antitrust case in the United States.

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