Moscow, 29 Nov — “News. Economy.” The American chip maker Qualcomm Inc has created a Fund of $100 million for investment in startups working on artificial intelligence technology, according to Reuters.


The new Fund will focus on the technologies of AI to be used in unmanned vehicles, robotics platforms and machine learning.

AI Fund Qualcomm Ventures has already invested in a startup AnyVision, specialized in technologies of recognition of persons and objects. The size of the investment was not specified.

Qualcomm has joined the ranks of chip manufacturers such as Intel Corp, Micron Technology Inc and Nvidia Corp that invest in artificial intelligence.

The company Micron announced in October that it plans to invest up to $100 million in startups in the field of artificial intelligence. The venture capital division of Intel in recent years has sent more than $1 billion to develop this technology.

As reported “Vesti. Economy”, a Corporation Amazon is developing a chip of artificial intelligence. According to The Information, the chip of artificial intelligence will work on devices with a personal assistant Alexa.

This technology will increase the speed of information processing and reaction gadgets. Most of the data will now be processed directly on the device previously, their analysis was carried out in the cloud.

This development will allow Amazon to catch up with rival Apple and Google, are already manufacturing their own chips of artificial intelligence. At the same time, increasing the rivalry between the traditional chip makers Intel and NVidia and their former customers, Amazon, Apple and Google.

According to forecasts of the analytical company International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide spending on technology of artificial intelligence will grow almost threefold in the coming years.

Experts expect that in 2018 the global market for cognitive systems and solutions in the field of AI will be $19.1 billion, an increase of more than 54% compared to last year. In 2021 the figure will reach $52.2 billion, average annual growth will be measured by 46.2 per cent.

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