Only six months have passed since the first affordable flagship Oppo Reno, and the company has already prepared a replacement for him. Let’s see how better/worse, and at the same time remember the one last year’s model Oppo.

The main “trick” appearance Reno2 Oppo — of course, frameless screen, without any monopoly, cut “holes”, etc. We have already seen several ways to implement such a screen and, I admit, I like the one where the camera is integrated directly under the screen. This smartphone we are also waiting for the Oppo, but Reno2 made much easier. Like its predecessor, the camera is just moving out. Such a solution can also be found in Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Moreover, younger models, Reno2 Z, the mechanism is not similar to Reno2, and just reminds Mi 9T.

Interestingly, to increase the strength of the whole structure check is introduced for fall — if the phone detects that falls, the camera automatically closes.

Actually, in defense of such a mechanism would say that it works quite quickly, and most importantly — selfie-camera is still always requires more action to call, unless you configure a special label on it. That is, to run the application, click “change camera” is a pretty long time, if measured with a stopwatch. In short, in ordinary life, we do not expect it from a selfie-camera triggering.

The rear camera needs to work as quickly as possible simply because sometimes you have to photograph the moment — ran protein, drove a cool car. Selfie, we are ready to pose and so the time here is not critical. Another thing is that unlocking face becomes inconvenient and impractical, but the fingerprint scanner here works very quickly and accurately, and Google Pay still the face unlock are not supported.

With regard to the form of the rear, main camera in Oppo use a top secret super-mega-nano-technology, which allows the camera to be above the body. Apple pours saliva with envy (sorry, no, and I would never even iPhones were not so foolish, as in this year).

Jokes-jokes, but I bet you haven’t seen (except that, in the first Reno) — finger does not feel any borders, joints, etc. the camera Lens and the glass covering the back surface are integrated. Incredibly brave and great-looking solution, which, however, raises doubts about its reliability.

Then Oppo also tried to prevent the glass from scratching, just below the camera you can see a small shiny hemisphere, which even has its own marketing name — “O-Dot”. Thus the camera is not for the table when the phone lies on it without a cover. That’s good. It is a pity that the same technology is not applied and the flash — she was kind of “cut out” from the housing (but still not acting).

The bottom end is already quite natural to see USB-C, but for the 3.5 mm Jack manufacturer special thank you. And Yes, FM radio supported.

I would also like to talk about the case, which comes in the kit (by the way, the film is “from the factory” is also pasted). This is not the usual transparent silicone case that we are used to seeing bundled with Chinese smartphones (I have nothing against them, quite the contrary), and leatherette, and even stitched from the reverse side, which gives it solidity.

The case is very much like the ones that Apple sells for 4.5 thousand rubles, but the quality is clearly higher. Apple cases come in a terrible form after only two weeks. And, of course, it is all the connectors on the smartphone and has a cutout for traveling selfie camera.

Unfortunately, the slot for SIM-cards there are hybrid — that is, if you want to use a memory card MicroSD, will have to abandon the second SIM.

Screen and interface

The screen Oppo Reno2 is one of the brightest on the market if to speak about the nominal brightness, not maximum. Usually the brightness above 500 CD/m2 you can see the IPS only (thanks to the backlight), but it averages even for flagships are at the level of 400-450 CD/m2. Of course, individual models (Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy) can provide peak brightness two times higher but this is either briefly or not the entire screen.

The only complaint about the screen — it is noticeable “rainbow” even at small deviations from a straight angle. Perhaps the blame glued factory film — I did not peel it, because the smartphone will need to return to the vendor in the most marketable form, and you never know what might happen…

Software Reno2 — Android 9 c interface Color OS 6.1. I have already said that Color OS is one of my favorite interfaces for Android, and there are no ads like in MIUI from Xiaomi.

I note a high degree of customization Color OS out of the box — you can switch the mode with a separate list of all applications or without (as in iOS), you can choose the number of columns of labels is 4 or 5, there are handy widgets “intelligent assistant” functions like a video screen is available in one click, etc.

Performance and autonomy

Smartphone Oppo Reno2 built on Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G — productive and quite cost-effective processor. As part of the autonomy of the smartphone Reno2 is closer to the best participants of our tests:

The performance here is rather on the “average hospital” level, but it is more than enough. That is, it is not the public sector, and even modern 3D games come with high graphics settings and quite fast. However, top performance, if you need some reason, obviously not chip Reno2.

In normal use, the smartphone runs very fast, animations are smooth, apps launch quickly, the fingerprint scanner and facial recognition work almost immediately.

It is important to note the charging rate. Oppo is known for its own fast charging technology Vooc, a feature of which is that the smartphone itself is not heated. However, in the case of Oppo Reno2 is not so simply it is not heated much as some smartphones with Quick Charge.

In Reno2 3.0 uses Vooc, which charges the smartphone about two times slower than the Super Vooc. For example, if Oppo RX17 Pro Super Vooc charge its 3700 mAh battery from 0% to 100% in 40 minutes, then Oppo Reno2 charged a half hour (and Realme XT with the same amount of battery and Vooc version).


It is understood that Oppo Reno2 — camera-phone. It is not only the official position of the company, but an objective reality. Besides, as I said, in performance, and autonomy of the smartphone is closer to “strong average performance” (in a good way, but still). But the camera we have literally built under a glass case. Did it affect the quality? Well, in a bad sense definitely not affected. The quality of photos — excellent color rendition — quite natural. (Our admin is slightly spoils the photo quality compression, but you can download the original and consider all the details).

In Reno2 as much as 4 of the camera module, of which the main has a resolution of 48 megapixels. As usual — the pictures are 12 MP, extra pixels are used to increase sharpness and reduce noise.

Next we have swearshirt with a resolution of 8 megapixels, it performs the functions of a macro lens. In the review of the Realme XT I have been told that it’s not real macro, but it should be noted that the lens Reno2 when shooting close gives results much better than the obviously outdated 2 Megapixel in the Realme.

The next module — “telephoto” with rasaratnam 13 MP, it is used when shooting with zoom 2x and 5x. Note that the zoom 2 here, “real”, that is, optical — with him we get more details than just by increasing the pictures from the main lens. The 5x zoom is certainly a hybrid, but to dismiss it is not necessary (see examples).

Aperture telephoto is much lower than that of the main, however, the zooming night maintains the high quality. And Yes, the night scene here is very good and in normal mode, and a special night (but it is better to examine the originals, of course).

The fourth module here has a resolution of 2 megapixels — in fact, it is the sensor depth, which is used when blurring the background. And here we got to the main camera’s fault Oppo Reno2.

As in the Realme XT, portrait mode here does not use optical zoom. That is, selecting “portrait” for Oppo Reno2 you will be shooting on a normal wide-angle (not to be confused with ultra-wide) module. For Realme XT is forgivable — not only because a smartphone is much cheaper, but also because there is a real 2 Zuma no. But Oppo Reno2 he is! And, my old (last year) Oppo RX17 Pro knows how to shoot the portraits correctly (it is still one of the best smartphones for shooting portraits, for me), and Oppo Reno2 — no. And even manually zoomed in / out in portrait mode, you can!

It turns out wrong. Here we take the camera, summarum — and get honest 2x zoom, which looks great “mobile” portraits (that is, captured on a mobile phone). But if we need to blur the background you need to switch the mode to “portrait”, and there will be forced a standard 48-megapixel “shirik”.

I, in fact, have been told that the background blur for portraits on sirica looks stupid because it contradicts the laws of physics and the real “big” camera so, don’t you?

Selfie camera Oppo Reno2 I’m honestly not impressed. Not in the sense that she’s kind of bad (not at all), and in the sense that the earlier products of Oppo just always was impressed at the quality of selfies. I don’t see any difference with a year-old Oppo RX17 Pro, for example. And even Realme XT, released recently, looks at least equal to, if not better.

Here, on the one hand, nothing really terrible there — Oppo have always been the best selfie cameras in the market, and the company was often ahead of its competitors, but Reno2 some missing ahead of. On the other hand — it is the selfie camera most of all in Reno2 attracts attention because of the unusual (and still unusual) design. It’s a shame that the manufacturer decided not to develop and improve.

As for the video quality — then the Oppo and Xiaomi definitely bypasses, and all the rest of the Chinese, except, perhaps, top latest Huawei. First, there is a stabilization (optical and digital), but only on Full-HD. Second, in the dark as the General level of the flagship Samsung.

However, all these praises apply only to Full-HD, where, incidentally, there is support and 60 fps (and with no drop in resolution as in Xiaomi Mi 9T). In 4K shoot on Reno2 I did not like — there is frequent twitching, and excessive saturation of red (Xiaomi have the same problem in 4K).


Xiaomi Mi 9T
Xiaomi Mi 9T costs just 29 thousand rubles (for the version 6/128 GB) and has an extendable selfie camera, like Oppo Reno2, but the mechanism is different. Yes, a cheaper option but has many drawbacks — for example, a built-in screen fingerprint scanner in Mi 9T is one of the most slow and inaccurate that I have seen. Plus, it is absolutely horrible shooting video, while the rest of the camera is decent.

Samsung Galaxy A80
Another option with a screen full body — Samsung Galaxy A80. Here the situation with selfie camera solved radically — it is not there. Instead, the camera moves in and flips. It looks… Peculiar, but it works quickly. Another thing is that the quality of the camera in Oppo Reno2 still higher. But Galaxy A80, another feature — it’s huge. Given that today is a decent phablet is almost gone (or Bugatti, or a very bad model) — quite a killer feature for fans. However, as in Xiaomi Mi 9T, there is not a supported memory card.


Honestly — at the time of writing this review, I don’t know the price Oppo Reno 2 or in dollars/euros or rubles (I only know the approximate “fork”). The smartphone is exclusive to a few journalists were given 9 days before the official presentation — to get back to prepare reviews. However, I am personally convinced that the thing is getting better or worse depending on prices — that is, it may be overestimated or, on the contrary, is very profitable, but it rather refers to the purchase and its feasibility, rather than to the assessment of the product itself (I do not understand people who say, forgive the phone a hell of a game just because of the low price).

So, objectively and without regard to price, Oppo Reno2 is a good smartphone with a great camera (but slightly outdated selfie camera), a decent screen and with a “average in the hospital” the gains in performance and autonomy.

It confuses a few steps back and one step in place compared to last year’s Oppo RX17 Pro: selfie-camera has not improved, the rear camera stopped to take pictures with zoom, the charging time is doubled (despite the fact that autonomy has increased not so much).

However, what exactly pleases — quality photo and video shooting (Full-HD) on the main camera, including zoom, and even “macro”, well, except for portrait mode. Well, stunning case included. After Apple with their frankly shitty covers, which are still separately need to buy as a balm for the soul.

Oppo Reno2 will go on sale at a price of 39 990 rubles, but it will also be the “younger brother” — Oppo Reno2 Z, CPU MediaTek Helio P90. It will cost 29 990 rubles.

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