Video service Quibi — startup for a billion dollars from film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg — originally planned as a predominantly mobile service, but the plans of the developers was to create an additional streaming app for TV devices. Last year (when the company was called New TV), it was announced that the app will work on TV platforms and devices such as Apple TV and Xbox. Recently it became known that the strategy has changed, and television Quibi was abandoned.

Quibi still specializiruetsya on a professional film content, but with the specificity: videos should not last more than 10 minutes. The content of this format will be regular, in particular in the form of a TV series with weekly episodes. In addition, the company is actively working on creating entertainment content for daily broadcast.

But the main feature of Quibi — “readiness” for mobile format. In this format, the company has now decided to focus fully. Competent anonymous source confirms: “the New strategy is mobile-only”.

Quibi is committed to develop a mobile product that’s easy to read on the go. For example, the app supports both horizontal and vertical format of the video and allows the viewer to change the format in the framework of viewing the same video. There are experimental formats — for example, a large vertical plane, simulating the conversation of the user FaceTime. Simply put, videos Quibi initially created under the format of a smartphone screen. The team was invited to work with experienced professionals from similar design projects — in particular, Tom Conrad, is responsible for production control at Snapchat and former employees of Instagram.

Quibi is often compared to the expensive and failed project Go90 — a similar initiative of Verizon, but the company has a different business model (paid subscriptions and advertising support), the other mechanics and, perhaps more interesting content. Will there be a demand for such a service to the audience? The company hopes to occupy a vacant niche between cheap and free platforms where users upload their own videos (such as YouTube) and spending huge amounts on professional video content paid services (Netflix, Hulu). Quibi plans to become a platform of high quality video content in the format of short “VIDOS” that are easy to view from phone and send to your friends.

Therefore, Katzenberg is looking for content creators for its service among the leading figures of Hollywood, offering them a fundamentally new, mobile format of storytelling, not just cutting long films into episodes. In Quibi outstanding creative personnel promise for decent fees and a lot of budgets; the company has already attracted such celebrities as Laurence Fishburne, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. With stars of this level is similar to other platforms including Go90, still not working.

SOURCE: Digiday

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