In our example, instead of taking care and solve the customer’s problem, has exacerbated the conflict and nothing helped. It is unlikely that man will turn to him again soon — will spread dubious “fame” on the network. I am sure that everyone can recall an unpleasant experience when he was in a state of confusion and forced loss of time.

And now the opposite, positive example of how clarity and speed work for the happiness of the buyer. Our client Domino’s Pizza is one of the few pizzerias that have regulated the timing of the delivery of your order. Bring pizza in 30 minutes, and if the courier was late, the next is a gift.

However, before this information was absent in the field of view of the client in the most important moment, when he filled out the order form on the website. After analyzing along with Domino’s audience behaviour on the website, we’ve identified this shortcoming and added in the form of much needed information.

As a result of small technological improvements the number of orders increased by 43%.

Clarity and speed are the USP of this campaign. User is happy, he knows that he will get the pizza in half an hour. Domino’s — too happy, sales are growing, the business goals are achieved. We are happy that the client continues to cooperate with us.

The speed of the process and the result

In complex projects with extensive communication clarity becomes a key success factor. One of the services that we offer our customers — Internet advertising. A successful advertising campaign similar to the solved equation with several unknowns. So she “shot”, you need to understand:

what a goal, what target audience, what is the value of the offer (the presence of UTP);

what channels to use, how to accurately targeted to the audience;

allocation of areas of responsibility, how the team interacts.

If at least one of the points is calculated incorrectly, the advertising budget will be spent in vain.

Let’s consider an example. In August, 2018, we conducted an advertising campaign for Xiaomi — the Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices. In conjunction with the retailer’s DNS, they launched a campaign: when buying a smartphone the user has received a gift.

Photo: Unsplash

The aim of the campaign was to increase awareness of the DNS as one of the main channels of sales for Xiaomi in Russia, to increase sales and attract traffic to the website DNS on the eve of the launch of new models Xiaomi.

To achieve the goal, we used several acquisition channels:

contextual advertising to attract hot audiences, which have introduced targeted searches in Yandex and Google;

targeted advertising in social networks — for a maximum of informing the interested audience about the campaign on Xiaomi smartphones in shops of the DNS;

media advertising format with the help of RTB technology Sociomantic by Dunnhumby — it showed those who visited the site the DNS, I watched the phones in your desired price range and left the site. Through advertising return customer to the landing page of the campaign that he issued the order. Ready!

Feature of the project was that we did not have access to the site DNS, therefore, could not adjust retargeting to website visitors. This helped us colleagues at Sociomantic Labs, who were partners of DNS and collected data on visitors to the sites of the retailer.

It turned out that the project involved four companies: Ingate, Sociomantic Labs, Xiaomi and DNS. Due to the large number of stakeholders required coordination — each party should know their role and fulfill it 100%.

Before the start we spoke of the details: planned timing of the launch of advertising, agreed on creatives. On paper and in the minds of all was perfect.

On the day everything was ready. After the start of the campaign all the participants to promptly exchange statistics, we are in real-time optimized creatives and refined targeting. Our partners from Sociomantic Labs reported sales on the website. At this rate, we spent the first three hours.

According to the plan the advertising campaign was supposed to last a week, but before noon of the first day buyers swept from the shelves of 3 thousands of sets with a common goal in 10 thousand. The hype, we are in agreement with the customer reduced the advertising, as the phone runs out quickly in retail stores.

And it is also about speed and consistency in a timely manner to ensure that the customer picked up the order immediately, not waiting for the next batch, not moved from the advertisement to the notice of “product out of stock”.

The result demonstrates the advantages of clarity. The clarity of interaction, coordination, quick approval, modern technologies — here are the basic rules of a successful project, of. This postulate works in complex tasks with large number of participants.

Clear as a vocation

We know firsthand what is clarity in business and how to achieve it. Our company has been working on this for a few years.

The result — over the past two years we have twice received the international award of the CX World Awards for the best personalized customer experience and the best customer experience in the B2B sector. While the average NPS in the most complex product of an individual promotion strategy — has reached the level of 80%, which is comparable to Apple and Mercedes. Will tell you how we did it.

Internet marketing is complicated, and the client is not always clear what it buys, how it would work, what value it will receive. The situation is compounded by the fact that we have many points of contact with clients: recruiting, telemarketing, sales, service, manufacturing.

Photo: Unsplash

To make the complex clear service, you must:

to talk about it as lucidly, with a focus on the needs of the customer with the maximum care and understand goals;

link information which is received by the client, in a single story, to make it so that it complements and does not contradict the fact that the customer has heard previously;

to use modern technology in order to automate the interaction between client and service: for example, a personal account on the website;

manage all taps with the client as an orchestra, which plays at written by composer scores.

To do this, it is critical to understand the customer journey throughout the work with the company, starting from the first impression from the brand, to the service under the contract. The client must pass through all stages of a seamless.

For this, we build a Customer Journey Map for each client, collect data, accumulate the entire customer information in the CRM without technology is not enough. This eliminates the gap of expectations and helps to bring the client to purchase, stable, and predictable work on improving customer experience, increasing its LTV.

Standard, control, responsibility

To build this work, you need to remember three things:

Standardization. The main problem with marketing communications — tear expectations. This occurs when the information at different touch points with the company is non-uniform. For example, promotion is important to sell the service — he can promise mountains of gold, only to close the deal. While the contract stipulates a different, and customer service says the third. The gap of expectations leads to mistrust, and mistrust to care. It is necessary to standardize the processes so that the customer mentioned the same thing to the smallest detail at all stages of contact with the company.

Quality control. It is important to track the performance of not only individual scripts, but the entire chain of CJM. You need to establish the exchange of information between different departments and. For example, data on customers from sales to use in advertising campaigns for more precise segmenting of the audience, and the feedback from telemarketing to convey to the service. This is a difficult standard listening in sales calls and require the introduction of additional technologies, but it’s worth it.

Responsibility. All marketing must work for the same goal, each employee is to understand that with the transfer application in a client service responsibility ends. For example, if the sales Manager was remunerated for the mere fact of sales, but now the award was deferred. It is charged if the customer has been with us for three months and his expectations correspond to the promises at sales. Personal plan — nothing in front of the objectives of the company, taking care of the customer first.

Clarity of business processes leads to speed and happiness for all participants. Employees are pleased to be working for the same goal. Customers are happy because they get what they came for by the contractor.

Make clear the services and the entire chain of communications. And then your business will reach escape velocity.

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