Blocking pirated content on the network should be reduced to minutes, said a member of the Board of Directors of Rambler Group Ekaterina Lapshina. She stated this during the SPIEF session on “self-Regulation VS government control. How to stimulate the consumption of legal content?”

“Unfortunately, the norms of the [anti-piracy] Memorandum, without prejudice to his power and importance of the trends he laid, does not allow you to do anything. That is 2-3 hours of reaction is a situation when the match has already passed, accordingly, everything has already happened, and we are still looking for pirates and trying to block them,” explained Lapshin. Now one of the fundamental disagreements on the text of the draft anti-piracy law, which already in the autumn it is planned to submit to the state Duma, is that of the issuance of deleted domains the pirate sites, and “race” comes with. In her opinion, this situation will encourage the formation of other illegal sentences on other devices and in other environments.

She also noted that blocking pirated content is performed automatically.

According to Lapshin, if Russia does not take action to ensure the prompt blocking of illegal content in the network, the copyright holders will not be able to monetize it. In addition, the number of additional measures to fight pirated video she mentioned the need to empower extrajudicial blocking at all levels, strengthening of the responsibility of Telecom operators and hosting, as well as all market participants for the distribution of illegal content. Separately was raised the need to strengthen the responsibility of the bookmakers for the financing of activities aimed at copyright infringement.

“I want to note three pillars: first, the creation of value, which we influence, and secondly, the information and measures that we can influence to a lesser degree, but would like to maximize the responsibility of all participants in the chain of content delivery from mobile operators, which distanciruemsa from this process to direct advertisers and self-regulatory organizations”, — concluded Lapshin.

during the SPIEF, the General Director of Group IB Ilya Sachkov said that about pirated and illegal content Internet sites is the need to strike “a criminal with a sword”, according to video News Service. “I propose to unite and strike in the penal sword for the economic criminals who engage ad networks and the pirates, which is very easy to install. To the reference passed to concrete people”, — he explained. Nets also added that the Group IB ready to help identify the owners of advertising illegal sites, “and the police will be happy to prosecute economic crimes and these people put in jail”.

In April “” has published a major investigation into the “Pirate Russia” on the work of illegal online cinema and the history of video piracy in the country. The journalists found that the average income of a large pirate online cinema is from 70 to 160 million rubles per month. In addition, revealed the scheme of work the pirate cinema and proved their connection with the underground online casino Azino 777.

Included in the Rambler Group online cinema Okko operates since 2011. Now viewing content is available on all key platforms: Smart TV, mobile applications, Apple TV and PlayStation. Rambler Group also owns the exclusive rights to display in Russia matches of the English Premier League season 2019/2020. Games the Premier League will be broadcast online cinema Okko August 2019, at the moment already available subscriptions spetsusloviya. Specially crafted videoreaction Okko.Sport is headed commentator Vladimir stognienko.

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