A leading provider of silicon IP technology and chips, Rambus has announced the development of the fastest in the industry memory GDDR6.

Working at the highest in the industry data transfer rate of 18 GB/s, the new chip provides maximum performance 4-5 times faster than today’s DDR4 solutions which have a maximum capacity up to 16 GB/s.

PHY GDDR6 paired with Rambus memory controller GDDR6 created as a result of recent acquisitions by the company Northwest Logic provides a complete and optimized solution for the memory subsystem. Composed of multi-channel solutions peak data rate can reach 72 GB/s.

GDDR6 supports high performance applications such as data centers, machine learning, and the development of artificial intelligence. Also provides support for PCB design and packaging, allowing customers to quickly and reliably implement their high-speed designs into production.

The first new type of memory will be in demand among designers and developers. Also GDDR6 can be used in the creation of neural networks, systems of Autonomous driving, or in the gaming industry.

When Rambus GDDR6 will appear on the market and its price is not reported.

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