Xiaomi is not only smartphones.

Outside of China, Xiaomi is mostly famous for their smartphones and fitness bracelets. On the local market, the company sells hundreds of different products, while they have an excellent build quality and thoughtful design, like smartphone. Enough to “look” in a large store of Xiaomi in China to marvel at the variety of products.

For the Chinese market Xiaomi releases an incredible array of goods. In the biggest store of Xiaomi in Chengdu you can find really unusual items that seemed to the company and does not produce.

Near smartphones and tablets, which store is the main focus, are really amazing products. On the shelves of the store placed a very thin portable razor different models of charging via USB-C, rice cookers, children’s toys with symbolism and even the kitchen faucets!

Xiaomi has no plans to stop there. According to sources in the company, and Xiaomi intends to release a more “simple” products aimed at all segments of the population. Initially these products will be launched on sale in China, and then gradually reach other countries, including Russia.

The Chinese are such rumours are only too happy. As stated by local consumers to leave the store Xiaomi without any “strange” gadget is almost impossible. It is not surprising, as Xiaomi products are very affordable.

Source: Apple-iPhone.ru, Reddit.


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