A week ago it became known that Jonathan Ive has decided to leave Apple and start his own design firm. It is unknown why the famous designer decided to leave the Apple company. However, if to believe the edition of Fortune a large part of the rank and file Apple employees don’t see to care Ive nothing to worry about.

Just edition Fortune interviewed about 100 employees of the Apple company. Used to service anonymous surveys Blind. According to the survey, more than 50% of respondents believe that the care Quince will not be a big loss for the company. Another 22% expressed the opinion that the departure of the famous designer have a positive impact on Apple, and only 26% of respondents expressed some concern.

The majority of respondents (73%) admit that Jonathan Ive has played an important role in the past successes of Apple. Recently, however, its impact has declined somewhat.

It is worth noting that this view has already been expressed earlier. In particular, in a recent article The Wall Street Journal reported that Jonathan Ive became rarely appear in the workplace after the release of the first Apple Watch. Ive was unhappy with the positioning of smart watches and, subsequently, low interest Tim cook to new products. The head of the company denies such allegations journalists, calling them absurd.


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