The winner of the prize of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobiev “Our suburbs” 2018 — a resident of Moscow Vasily Malshakov adapted developed the mobile application “SOTKA: 100-day workout” for the operating system Apple IOS.

Program “SOTKA: 100-day workout” is a totally free online application for sports, including manual training for 100 days, which the program selects taking into account the physical data of the person. The app was released in August of 2017. In 2018 for winning the award “Our Moscow” Vasily Malshakov received a cash prize of 400 thousand rubles. Funds went to the development of the application.

“The resources that we received this award, has enabled us to move to Apple products. Now we are actively promoting our app through the Apple Store, also did a sync with the Apple Watch. In addition, we have twice been the app of the day on this platform”, — said Vasily Malshakov.

According to the Creator, a mobile app “SOTKA: 100-day workout” have already downloaded about 500 thousand people worldwide. It’s also available for Android. There is an online version.

Award “Our Moscow” was founded in 2013 Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov to support the social initiatives of the region’s residents. In 2019, the prize Fund will amount to 180 million rubles. To apply you must register on the official awards website, there you can see detailed information.

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