Second, in his interview Chemezov openly talked about the political system and even the fate of Vladimir Putin. Because the conversation has generated understandable confusion: what was it? Try to understand.

A lengthy interview with the head of the rank, as Sergey Chemezov is always a great success for any media. At the same time, journalists know that to gain admission to the body of the official on such a scale is possible only in one case — if he wants to say something. That is, when he has the need to convey their thoughts and to identify important position for him in connection with some private task. And not in front of the face of the public, and in front of a group depend on his current interests. Or even in front of only one reader- the most important, which is only available in the country.

There is still need to remember that the inhabitants of the powerful Olympus and so terse today blurts extra casually, and tomorrow you’ll remember this. And Sergey Chemezov, with his experience in the KGB knows very well what and when to speak. But because reading his interview especially interesting.

It’s time to “claw”?

Of particular interest are the passages Sergey Chemezov about politics. It’s definitely not his patrimony, and he can not understand. As a rule, on such matters, the officials of that rank to say “No comment” or the same answer, that is, not for printing. There is no doubt that before the publication of the interview carefully shall be deducted Chemezov and he probably would have removed my answer, if I didn’t want his discussion of the situation in the country was published. After all, he wasn’t talking about how everything is good, but quite the contrary — contrary to the official exchange rate. Take for example, his revelation about the last mass protests of the opposition. “Obviously people are much annoyed, and it’s not good for anyone, — said Chemezov. — The presence of common opposition is to the benefit of any authority, representative Assembly, and ultimately the state there should be an alternative force that tells and gives signals in one direction or another… If everything is always good, so we can a long period to go.” At the same time he added: “Political instability is bad for the economy. Industry and business do not need a shock.”

Nice, that alone could cause a scandal. This piece of the interview was published in the form of the announcement of the whole conversation in mid-August, when the country was raging protests. And here’s the background on that Chemezov said that the opposition is, in General, a normal thing. Why the sudden rebelliousness?

In the end, there was even a version — it’s not about whether the head of “Rosteh” thus “off the wagon”? And that — his young wife, legal income, he personally did not Annex Crimea. Why not get a pardon from the West, which included him in the sanctions list only “pile up”? You never know what will happen next in the country. 67 years is not a joke, at this age it is time to bask in the sun in nice… especially the eyes the example of Vladimir Yakunin. The former main railroad in 2015 did not publicly join the patriots and although he lost the position, but feels great in Europe.

However, this assumption looks too straightforward. Because of that, and the betrayal of the Russian power does not forgive. Then you may not have time to drive to nice. Because some experts believe that talking about the situation in the country, Chemezov isn’t trying to crawl to the side, and, on the contrary, spoiling for a fight. With whom?

“The concerns of the remaining civilian beneficiaries of the system the position of the security forces, which number of reasons a very tough position that nothing needs to be changed, all you need to cement hard and all to crush dissent. And the remaining civilian beneficiaries understand that the power resource at all for a long time is not enough,” believes political analyst Pavel Salin. Indeed, Sergey Chemezov is considered the informal leader of one of the political clans, which includes Industrialists and financiers, and which oppose the security forces. In this regard, more than, significant is the very title of the interview: “Close all the country is technically impossible.” In the text Chemezov and in fact argues that attempting to create a sovereign Runet will cost huge money and another question, is it even possible. However, there is clearly meant another message: Russia must not be isolated from the rest of the world that stand up security forces. Because it’s bad for its economy — read themselves Industrialists and financiers. In short, Hey, up there! Pay attention and listen to our group until it was too late! Because people are already annoyed. Why should they be more annoying?

By the way, why all decided that in the face of opposition Chemezov was referring to those who bring people to the streets? He also said directly — they say that we need “common opposition” that will not rebel, but to “suggest” power. Where will such opposition is “her Majesty”? So it is always possible to create, for example, in the form of a new party. All the more so since United Russia’s ratings are lower than ever.

Problem 2024

And then it gets interesting. Sergey Chemezov directly starts to talk about Vladimir Putin. “If you talk to him seriously, of course. And he would probably love to have gone to rest,” — said the head of Rostec. And then he adds: “Since in accordance with the Constitution, he still can’t run the country.”

Yeah, next comes the explanation: Putin may take any other post. To do this, it will be possible to change the Constitution. “Life goes on, life changes,” pointedly says the head of “Rosteh”. However, it is clear what is meant: the elite vengeance concerned about the so-called “problem 2024” — that is what will happen after the end of the current presidential term of Vladimir Putin. And now between the factions fighting for the future. Of course, Putin himself is not going anywhere — he is the guarantor of the current course. But the political system in the country in any case will undergo changes. Therefore, now you need to take care about how to fit into it, saving money and influence.

“Almost all interviews Chemezov is a confirmation of the concept of the “Politburo 2.0″ We see a person who does not hold any formal positions in the vertical of Executive power, but more influential than any member of the government,” said political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko.

Meanwhile, already there were versions — instead of aiming yourself, Sergei Chemezov, speaking about things that are outside of the areas of interest of his Corporation in, say, Prime Minister? Rumors are saying that the future is inevitable “transit authority” among elite groups intensified “race premiers”. And one of the potential heads of government such as name Chemezov…

“To be a politician — it’s not mine” — then in absentia is responsible Chemezov supporters of this version. And no “Politburo 2.0” does not exist, he says. In short, all these considerations about policy are just…

The apartment is, but cheaper

Maybe everything is much easier? Attentive readers noticed that one of the topics raised in the interviews was personal as Sergey Chemezov. Or rather, his apartment. In February, Alexei Navalny said that the head of Rostec owns an apartment with an area of 1434 square meters, located exactly opposite to the red square in the building of the former hotel “Moscow”. Was called and possible value of the apartment — 5 billion roubles. Moreover, it is framed on spouse Chemezov and recorded as two non-residential premises. Then he Chemezov did not respond to it. But now decided to comment on an old story. In the end, however, let loose more fog. “My apartment here in Moscow is estimated at mad money — 5 billion. If someone is willing to pay me 5 billion, I’m right now ready to give the keys and say, “OK, let’s money”. Such money is not worth it,” — said Chemezov.

And how much? And why suddenly you need to discuss this issue?

It has been said that people of this level there is only one main source. And it is possible that after meeting with him, held in late July, Chemezov realized proclivities Navalny was “upstairs” heard, evaluated and, as they say, hemmed in daddy. Just because to remain silent will not work. Well if rostec has made some unprecedented breakthrough — a cure for cancer was released, for example, or at least a car worthy to enter the global market. But no — in the Kremlin Chemezov has come not to boast of his achievements, and ask for another 300 billion rubles to support rapidly losing the popularity of the aircraft “Sukhoi Superjet 100”. So I had to grit their teeth, build PR and contrary to the logic of the media market to arrange “interviews”, in his lousy excuses about the low price of the apartment.

Here only not for nothing was invented by the ancient: “my tongue — my enemy”. Chemezov said that he has no yacht, but submitted the Declaration appears the boat. Hardly talking about “Kazanka” with which the head of “Rosteh” on Sundays fish Ososkov. Other boats are motor yacht, at a cost on the order of avoiding the sailboats. Yes, and from real estate in addition to the already mentioned Chemezov in an interview from something I remembered only one apartment and one house, though only the declarations for two with his wife three houses and two apartments. So it would not have had again to appeal to the public, with new excuses.


A simple check of the words of Sergey Chemezov indicates that in too many cases he provided the public with the situation somewhat differently than it exists in reality. We can only guess: whether subordinates wrongly informed the head of “Rosteh”, whether he himself frankly in the wrong, whether I am sure that the truth is no one knows.

Ahead of the rest

The main goal of Russia today is the development of the digital economy, said Sergey Chemezov. “We must do everything, and we have now more opportunities, and strength, and the time and knowledge to keep up forever, but at least to be on level, and maybe even somewhere to stay ahead of competitors,” he said. Now rostec deals with developments in the field of the Internet of things, and in the development of quantum sensors and development of wireless communication fifth generation.

Of course, God forbid, to work. Because of the ability of “Rostec” to compete with the leading developers and manufacturers of modern “smart” technology yet is questionable. Six years ago rostec proudly presented the Yota phone — Sergey Chemezov personally handed the first copy to the famous lover of gadgets, Dmitry Medvedev. Russian smartphone with two screens called an “iPhone killer”, predicting for him a wild popularity in the world. And what? First, it turned out that the Yota phone’s not very Russian — are made in Taiwan from imported components.

And then it turned out that expensive smartphone designed to compete with the products of “Apple” and “Samsung”, particularly useless.

The result rostec has sold its stake in the company-the developer of the Yota phone. On issues like this does happen, the Corporation answered that in fact it is not a failure and history of the Yota phone creates the “Foundation for the further development of Russian technologies and launching new products in highly competitive international markets.”

Of course, the failures happen at all. But still the concern is whether “assistance” to create what promises? Or entry into the national project “Digital economy” is explained only by the desire to participate in the development of the allocated 3.5 billion roubles?

Dramatic circle, the circle of the photo, and I also sing hunting…

Rostec has repeatedly been compared with the greedy tireless in pursuit of profits scoops for yourself all that is possible. Today the Corporation includes about 700 (!) enterprises. Sergey Chemezov disagree. “We received the assets is not sweet,” — he said. Adding: “We are satisfied that we have received lately. — We will not just take and attach an asset, it must fit our profile”.

Well, let’s see. In recent years, “rostekh” is engaged in the construction of perinatal centers. Why is their construction in principle has been entrusted to technology corporations, a separate issue. According to rumors, the reason for this was the great desire to master a lot of money for the construction of 15 centers, the government allocated 38.4 billion rubles. However, in the end the work of “Rostec” has been brought to the attention of the chamber. As it turned out, 99% of the construction contracts it has signed with his “daughter”, acting as a single supplier. In addition, rostec actually disrupted the program of the 15 centers the term was introduced only five.

Now the Corporation has decided to subjugate the “Golden” junk market, building incinerators. At stake here, according to various estimates, from 200 to 300 billion roubles have something to compete for. However, residents of Tatarstan, where rostec plans to build one such factory, now go to rallies, saying that the company will poison all around. But this, according to Chemezov, the activists are just stirring things up for money.

Don’t shy away from “rostec” and pharmaceutical company “national immunobiological company’s” became the exclusive supplier of medicines for the FPS.

And recently Sergey Chemezov, and even stated: a quarter of drinking water in the domestic market is counterfeit! To help solve the problem of marking water. What it promises huge profits, of course. Agree, debris, construction, and the water is not very similar to core assets. Rather on the desire to earn absolutely everything.

As you ship will call…

“Superjet” is not a failure, said Sergey Chemezov: “The SuperJet is, of course, “childhood diseases”, they are processed and eventually will be”, — he explained.

Wait a minute, “Superjet” is commercially available since 2011, what “childhood illnesses” can we talk? Eight years is not enough to notice and to correct deficiencies? Or there may be too many, as some experts think? Three years ago, the Federal air transport Agency has already suspended the operation of the “Superjet” — was then discovered damage to the stabilizers. Known about the chronic breakdowns of the engines, the efficiency of which just served as a carrier “feature” of the Russian airliner. However, even in the state, “Aeroflot” noted: 40% damage of the entire fleet is in “Superjets”. A FAS recently confirmed that tickets for the Superjet because of the high cost of its maintenance was 20% higher than on Boeings.

By the way, the latest series of PE liners suggests that all technical problems can be completely resolved. If so, on what did they spend 2, and according to others, all of 7 billion dollars, which cost in the creation of the “Superjet”?

Now Sergey Chemezov believes that to rehabilitate the reputation of “Superjet” can a rebranding and name change. Well, call it “Budget”, that is…

How not poradet native little man…

“Yes, constantly! Then pull one, then the other. I say categorically: “Anywhere!”. To close the perimeter of Rostec was no one there!” — said Sergey Chemezov to the question, did you have his children offers to work in government agencies. Thus adding, say, have a child “to pull” is too bad because his sons chose their way themselves.

Needless to say, it sounds nice. Here in 2006, “Vedomosti” wrote, the eldest son Stanislav Chemezov joined the Board of Directors of the company “Avtovazenergo” involved in the management of the assets of the Tolyatti plant, which in turn is part of rostec. In addition, Stanislav Chemezov is one of the owners of the company “Independent insurance group”. It was she, presumably, accidentally insures the largest defence companies included in rostec.

Go ahead. Today, perhaps, many have forgotten how in the middle of zero at AVTOVAZ decided to release a Lada with an automatic transmission (automatic transmission). For their development came from an unknown firm “KATA”. It soon became clear — controls the firm Chemezov wife Ekaterina Ignatova. How much money was put into the design of the box is unknown, we only know that in the end in Tolyatti have decided to buy automatic gearbox from the Japanese. Presumably, for a reason.

By the way, recently, the media reported: Ivan Serov, who served as managing Director included in “rostec”, JSC “Helicopter service company”, is the son of the sister of Sergey Chemezov. If so, then it becomes clear how the 33-year-old lawyer, previously had no relationship to aviation, has suddenly become a top Manager. Although, according to Chemezov, it is not any “pull” relatives and all she has achieved.

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