In 2017, the company RED has announced its first Android smartphone called Hydrogen One, which was to get a holographic display, an innovative camera.

Now 70-year-old founder of the company Jim Jannard (Jim jannard’s) announced his retirement due to health problems, in consequence of which the Hydrogen project is closed.

Despite the fact that the official debut of the Hydrogen One was held in July 2017 in the market of mobile device appeared only a year later. While the promised modules never implemented, and as the hardware basis used Snapdragon 835.

However, the cost of Hydrogen One originally was $1295. At the moment the cost of the smartphone is reduced, and is $645.

In Hydrogen One used a ready third party components. Later, Jim Jannard accused an unnamed Chinese ODM manufacturer in not fulfilling commitments.

In this year appeared the information that RED is working on a new smartphone Two Hydrogen created “from scratch” with a new manufacturing partner. In connection with the closing of the project, the device is unlikely to emerge in the mobile market, at least in the framework of the project Hydrogen.

Owners of mobile Hydrogen One Jannard promised to provide support and further.

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