The details of the attack of United States cyber command indicate that members of this office are unprofessional and unproductive, despite using global tools and surveillance access, the NSA of the US and companies like Apple and Amazon, Russian media writes.

The objectives of the attack calls “online research” and the Federal Agency of news, but there’s no official confirmation, says FAN.

The attack in November of 2018 really happened, says FAN. The main purpose was child project portal USA Really, who wrote in particular about violations and manipulations in the elections in the United States. November 5, at about 22.00 MSK was destroyed by the RAID controller for internal office server FAN and knocked out two of the hard disk of the four, was also formatted the hard drives on leased in Sweden and Estonia servers were used to store the data portal USA Really.

However, according to FANG, “attack of United States cyber command has failed completely”, as the work of the portal was not “paralyzed”, a project USAReally continued its work in regular mode.

Access the U.S. cyber command to the server received through an email, which came a few days before the attack on the personal emails of one of the employees of the Federal news Agency. It was supposedly an attachment with important information about the midterm elections in the United States. The editorial staff opened the attachments but there was nothing but basic information about the election. Later it turned out that one of the files was a “Trojan”, without the user’s knowledge using the hidden features of the Windows operating system and remotely control computer.

This computer was made the first attempt to access the server, but the hack attempt failed. Later the IT Department FAN found unidentified Wi-Fi connection, which also didn’t allow the cyber command of the U.S. armed forces to access the local network of the office.

In the end, the main source of attack was employee’s mobile phone that was connected by cable to the USB connector of the computer did not have Internet access, but having access to a local network with a fairly broad access rights. After connecting the Apple iPhone 7 Plus to the computer was made not only automatically launch iTunes, but received Internet access from Windows and downloaded some files, which are automatically established. After that, the computer was controlled remotely, it has made all the procedure for the invasion of LAN FAN from IP addresses controlled by us companies, including servers Amazon.

Thus, cyber command of the U.S. armed forces used a commercial company in their own interests, which confirms the surveillance of American companies for their users. After that the FAN was not allowed to use phones from Apple to connect to personal computers.

To servers in Europe access was obtained by direct request of staff of the US Cyber Command. In Sweden and Estonia were server to serve mirror sites USAReally. Later, on 8 November in the US, was detained a citizen of Russia and chief editor of the portal Alexander Malkevich, and about 10 special agents of United States cyber command was trying to obtain secret information from your phone and computer Malkevich, but was unable to get some useful information.

Tried the United States and to suspend the operation of the site by https security certificate on the domain However, the site did not stop working even for a single day.

“The US government and the US Cyber Command personnel has shown its incompetence — using all the capabilities of the national security Agency USA, which told Snowden, they attack law-abiding legal Russian media, FAN and USAReally. That is trying to destroy freedom of speech. Americans believe that “is their opinion, and there is wrong”. As I explained to the employees IT-Department, the FAN, the U.S. attack did not attract attention at the first stage, as their actions of the US Cyber Command was more like the work of hackers are self-taught, not professionals,” said CEO FANG Eugene Zubarev.

Recently the media said the cyber command in 2018 during the midterm elections in the United States conducted “an offensive cyber operation” against the Agency for Internet studies, St. Petersburg disabling the company’s access to the Internet. According to some reports, the cyber attack was approved by the President of the United States Donald trump.

The Kremlin said that Russian structures are constantly exposed to cyber attacks from abroad.

An expert in the field of cyber security Igor Ashmanov in comments to the newspaper OPINION called the message about disabling the Internet, “the Agency’s Internet research” nonsense.

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