Browser for iOS is not an Apple.

Team Tor Project released the first stable version of secure browser Tor for Android. The developers promise the same level of security as in the desktop version. Browser for iOS is not an Apple.

Tor for Android

Just released a new version of the Tor browser for anonymous use of the Internet under the number 8.5 was the first stable release of the browser for Android. The developers of Tor officially announced in their blog. The browser is available for download in the Google Play app store, the app catalog F-Droid, it should appear during the day.

The first alpha version of Tor for Android, was released in September 2018, the Developers say that since then has done a great job to provide Android users the same level of security, which browser provides the user with a PC. In terms of functionality the desktop version of Tor is still ahead of the Android version, but in terms of protection, they are at the same level.

“We are convinced that there are no proxy bypass that the primary insulation is incorporated to protect you from cross-site tracking, and that most remedies reference work,” say the developers.

Team Tor Project explains why it was so important to release browser for Android. Internet access from mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular, and in some regions of the planet is generally the only way to connect to the Network. Often, however, these regions practiced surveillance of citizens by the authorities and Internet censorship, so there users need mobile Tor.

About creating a version of Tor for iOS it is not in connection with the limitations of Apple. So iPhone users, the team recommends that the Tor Project to circumvent the blocking using the Onion Browser, which was created by developer Mike Tigason (Mike Tigas) use the Guardian Project.

List of innovation in Tor Browser 8.5
For Tor Browser 8.5 by voting in the community was chosen as the new icons. There was also changed the design of the page is about:tor. New release is compatible with Firefox Photon UI interface that simplifies the browsing experience.

About nine months ago, Windows users had problems with access to Tor due to the fact that developers use a set of tools MinGW-w64 that does not support new access codes Firefox. In Tor Browser 8.5, this problem is partially solved, but at the moment the project team is still working on the final patches. A number of other vulnerabilities were closed.

Also, the developers explore recently discovered a vulnerability related to a cross-platform API for 3D graphics in the browser WebGL and digital print. So far, the vulnerability is not closed, it is supposed to do in the next release.

The developers warned that the upgrade to Tor Browser 8.5 destroys the saved logins and passwords. This bug is also investigated and will be fixed in next release.

What is Tor
Tor is a system of proxy servers that support the so-called onion routing technology, anonymous information sharing via a computer network. Meanwhile, if you want, check the address of the proxy server. Tor gives the user the ability to remain incognito, and protects you from traffic analysis.

This opportunity is made Tor a popular tool in the hands of the offenders who profit from selling drugs and weapons, pornography, etc. In 2014, the FBI paid $1 million to researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon in the United States for help in entering into Tor with the aim deanonimizatsii its users.

In November 2016 team Tor Project announced the creation of a prototype of own an Android smartphone, equipped with advanced means of cyber security. The prototype, called Mission Improbable, was created by the developer the Tor network Mike Perry (Mike Perry). As the hardware was taken ready-made Google Nexus and Pixel, the changes undergone. The device works under OS Copperhead — secure version of Android designed for smartphones Nexus and Pixel.

Source — CNews

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