Apple has somewhat shifted the publication schedule of new test builds. However, tonight cupertinos has released the seventh beta version of iOS 13, watchOS tvOS 6 and 13. While the new test build is available only to registered developers.

According to available data, no major changes in the seventh beta versions of iOS 13, watchOS 6, 13 tvOS did not happen. However, the cupertinos have fixed some minor bugs and also worked on the optimization and stability of operating systems.

More minor changes occurred in iOS 13. In the seventh beta kupertinovtsy back the old Wallpaper in the app, corrected the work of dynamic Wallpaper, restored the transparency of the folders on the desktop and changed the display format of the thumbnails in the Photos app.

It is expected that the official release of the final versions of the new Apple operating systems will take place towards the end of September. Up to this point, Apple still has time to release a few test builds, which needs to be fixed all major bugs.


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