Consumption of audio content is increasing, and music streaming, and podcasts are beginning to compete with screens for the audience. What is the role of sound in contemporary media consumption and how brands can use audio formats? These topics were discussed by representatives of Spotify, Microsoft, Agency The Story Lab and the creators of podcasts at the international festival “Cannes lions 2019” in the framework of the business program of the communication group Dentsu Aegis Network. Participants of the section The Sound of Storytelling indicate that the main value of podcasts and other audio formats is that they are most involved Millennials, the most coveted audiences for media and brands. Representatives of the Y, listening to audio more frequently than other generations, confirms a recent study by Ipsos for iHeartRadio in the US. The audience for podcasts in the US has reached 70 million users and has doubled over the past four years, the report 2019 Internet Trends analyst Mary Meeker. Podcasts no longer be a niche in this growing business is actively investing international (Apple, Spotify) and Russian players (Yandex, Vkontakte). The media industry goes back to its “Golden age” sound, experiencing the second bloom since the invention of the radio, and generates a new unique culture podcast says Xavier Jernigan, Head of Cultural Partnerships Spotify. Audio creates exciting opportunities for advertisers, and for seamless integration into podcasts and create your own audioshow — the future of branded content, I’m sure Cathy Boxall, Head of Brand Entertainment The Story Lab. To succeed in this direction, it is important for companies to find the right partners, creators and platforms that will ensure creativity and distribution. In the quest to be present in the growing audiospace brands go the obvious route and in most cases are not “sounding” stories, says Geoffrey Colon, Head of Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio. In his opinion, the main purpose of audiostreaming to create a deep connection with the listener. The creators of a series of podcasts on Spotify — The Dope Labs Podcast — Titi and Zikaya share their experience in search of interesting stories: they study popular discussions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in order to highlight relevant themes, using for this data analysis. Meryem Kamal, chief operating officer of the Agency The Story Lab in Russia: In Russia we also see a growing interest of the audience to audio in a broad sense. In addition to a convenient interface music services, podcasts, audiobooks provide the user with a recommendation service that eliminates long and tedious searches, recommendations and content on the Internet. For advertisers audio the perfect environment to create your own content, forming collections or other mechanics that help to captivate the user and to convey to him the message of the brand. According to Mediascope for the year 2018, the Russian market the most popular audio format is the music. Listen to it 95% of consumers of audio content, podcasts — 51%, audio books — 41%.

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