The reason is competition with Lada.

Some of the most popular cars among Russians Renault Logan and Renault Sandero will disappear from the Russian market under their current names. This was officially declared by the chief designer of Renault Laurens van den Acker. According to him, such decision was accepted in connection with increasing competition from the Lada cars.

Van den Acker revealed the reason why the sales of Logan and Sandero under the Renault brand will be stopped in Russia. Negative impact on car sales Renault has a growing popularity of cars Lada. “Brands devour each other,” admitted the chief designer of Renault.

Because of this Renault decided to bring their cars in more expensive price category. Thanks to this machine Renault and Lada will not fiercely compete with each other in the budget price category.

Extremely popular in Russia, Logan and Sandero will be sold in the country under the brand Dacia. This is the Romanian subsidiary of Renault, which produces cars for more than 20 years. The only model Renault, which will continue to be produced in Russia under the main brand, will remain a crossover Duster. As noted by van der Acker, the reason lies in the popularity of the car.

According to official data of “AUTOSTAT”, in 2018, Renault, Russia has experienced impressive growth. In the first seven months of the year, sales of Renault Logan increased by 16% compared to the previous year. Similar increases of 16% and the Sandero. But, apparently, these figures Renault is not satisfied.

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Recall that at the Moscow international motor show in 2018, which will be held until September 9, Renault presented a new crossover Arkana for the Russian market. Read more about Renault Arkana and other major updates to the MIAS-2018 you can learn from our detailed article.

Source: RBC.


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